Weekend Spin-Deep Purple: Perfect Strangers (1984)

One fine album Perfect Strangers is. Deep Purple got reunited with each other and didn’t it feel so good (for a few years that is) that they dropped Perfect Strangers in late 84. I bought Perfect Strangers early 85 as DP hooked in new recruits like me.

I was snapping up records left and right in 85 and DP with this record drew me right in. So much so that it is easily entrenched in my all-time Top 20  studio albums.

Perfect Strangers combines the best of 70s Purple with the technology of the 80s. By that I mean Jon Lord, not only was rocking his  70’s Hammond organ but also dabbled with some 80’s synth as well.

Purple in other words adapted.

(That back cover picture looks more like Mug shots than band pics!)

 If Purple were thugs they would seriously kick your ass with this record. Blackmore and his 6 string strat wail on tunes like Under The Gun and Gypsys Kiss while the Man In Black eases right off the gas pedal on Wasted Sunsets which is a brilliant moody piece of rock.

Ian Gillian is a powerhouse of a singer. Not only that but he’s pretty funny when it comes to the fine art of lyrics. 

Knocking At Your Back Door …

Sweet Nancy was so fancy
To get into her pants we
Had to be the aristocracy
The members that she toyed with
At her city club
Were something in diplomacy
So we put her on the hit list
Of a common cunning linguist
A master of many tongues
And now she eases gently
From her Austin to her Bentley
Suddenly she feels so young

Better yet for your viewing pleasure(below) here is the Mighty Purple back in 1984 laying it down while Knocking off the hinges off your back door if you crank this one loud enough.

The live video is the best as there’s Roger Glover dressed like he came off of Pablo Escobars Luxury Yacht. You got Ian Paice wearing the Gilligan hat while Blackmore is like twitching, tweaking, or something but what a six-stringer!

As good of a track, Knockin is, how about the title track that leads off Side 2.


Perfect Strangers is so good. Paice drives those drums almost Zep like. Keeping Roger Glover and his bass in check. Gillian while the music goes at mid-tempo clip Ian delivers a smooth vocal. 

Perfect Strangers came into my life when I was 17 heading into 18 years young and to this day this album is still one of the all-time best. 

Plus D.P did it right as I loved liner notes/lyrics/pics as packaging played a huge part in it as well as a hard rock fanatic I was diving into all things Hard Rock and Metal!

Give this one a spin or a stream!





24 thoughts on “Weekend Spin-Deep Purple: Perfect Strangers (1984)”

  1. Great album. At the time I was happy to see them back togther. Everytime I hear Knocking At Your Back Door I have to laugh. Great lyrics.

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      1. I was surprised when they reunited. Blackmore is not known to be super cooperative.
        I liked this one better than House of Blue Light but that one did have some good ones on it.

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      2. It’s been so long since I listened to HOBL. I need to dig that one out and give it a fair shake.
        I recall buying it sometime shortly after it came out and realizing it was nowhere near as good as P.S.
        Having said that opening track Bad Attitude was a wicked song so much so that one could have slid on P.S’s no problem.
        Blackmore is a wierd fella but a talented wierd fella lol


  2. A great album and I like what you say about lyrics of “Knocking at Your Back Door.” I also like “Hungry Daze.” Full marks to you for buying the album. Back in 84, I know a lot of metalheads your age shunned the album because there were no songs like “Smoke on the Water” on it.

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    1. Well the thing is the rock mags I was buying at the time had adds for Perfect Strangers in them so I thought what the heck. First Purple I bought and it ended being a huge album in my world.

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    1. Better late than never John!
      I was telling 80s MetalMan that I saw the adds for the album in rock mags so why not right. Funny thing is I bought DP and Ride The Lightning on cassette tape at the same time. Amazing that i can remember certain purchases yet other things my mind flatlines on.

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      1. I bought Ride in 85 and that Masters in 86. Both were bought on tape. Masters was a great tape for the Walkman at the time as if I was peddling my bike I would try and keep up to Lars drumming on Battery. lol

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  3. I ignored it when it came out. It wasn’t until Dream Theater covered Perfect Strangers In 1995 that I went back and listened to this album.

    And I’m with Blackmore about his views on Gillian, the lyrics didn’t fit the seriousness of the music..

    And Jon Lord in that back photo, the dude never left the 70s with that mo, but who cares, we still love him.

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  4. Knocking at your back door was one of the very first heavy tunes I heard that totally blew me away, when I heard it on the radio. My mate at school lent me Machinehead the next day at school and the rest is history.

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      1. I heard it on the Friday Rock Show on BBC1, the UK’s national station, played by Tommy Vance. I used to lie there in the dark listening to the show, waiting out all the horrible scary (to me then) thrash, just waiting for a diamond of a track.

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  5. Gilligan hat! Yes, that’s the best word for it!! That’s what it is. I loved when he used to wear the Gilligan hat, and the way his mutton chops looked poking out the sides.

    GREAT weekend spin. If I didn’t have so many Cars CDs here to listen to, I’d spin it again today too.

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