Tour Shirt Tuesday- Alice Cooper

Picked up this cool Rock T when the Coop rolled into Tbay back in August 2018. My brother Todd and I last caught the Coop in 2012 when Alice and his band opened up for Iron Maiden in Wisconsin on the Maiden England Tour.

Coop blew us away that day at the outdoor Maiden show as Alice pulled out all the stops with the props and just flat out giving it 110% in about 90-degree heat as it was hot and humid. Crazier yet Alice was playing at 6pm in broad daylight!

Todd that day in the sweltering Wisconsin heat said if Cooper ever comes back to Tbay we are going. Alice did return and Todd scored us front row which was even better!

I took that pic of Cooper below which for all of my shitty skills at handling a camera I actually pulled off a decent shot!

The show, of course, was brilliant. All the hits and some deep nuggets were played. On the way out, of course, I had to hit up the merch table to see what was up.

Coop had a bunch of stuff and T-Shirts going for $50 Canadian! I was on the fence about grabbing a shirt. Then it hit me. What if Alice never makes it back to town. It’s possible. 

Bam! Bye, Bye 50 dollars hello to cool Cooper shirt! 

30 thoughts on “Tour Shirt Tuesday- Alice Cooper”

      1. I loved that show – saw it twice – Buffalo and Toronto. Toronto w/ Motorhead, Buffalo w/ Frehleys Comet & Faster Pussycat. I’ve got plenty of AC shirts from 1986 on. I never saw that shirt you posted, looks cool.

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  1. I have that shirt except mine has concert dates on the back. That show was awesome. My first ever Coop show…I think due to your review of your show. He was awesome and the band was unbelievable. Nita and Ryan can play!!!

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    1. That’s cool John
      Coop has always had a stellar band with him and that’s why those folks have stuck with him
      Coop and RUSH are the only two acts I can think of don’t have any drama with them.

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  2. Perhaps farewell to $50 – but hello to great T & post, Deke!
    He’s right at the top of my to-see list, like you said giving 110%, he strikes me as someone who would never go through the motions, every show is a show!


  3. Seen him twice and never bought a shirt! I did buy an Eric Singer drum head — Eric was the drummer when I saw him in 2006.

    Saw him in the 90s with Reb Beach, fuck man, at a fucking bar! Lulu’s! Biggest bar in the world, but I can still say I saw him in a bar!

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