Mikey Ladano and deKe’s Live Without a Net live video.

Hey Folk’s check out myself and the one and only Mikey Ladano where we discuss our Top 11 Live Albums of all time!  Uncle Meat, John T Snow, and Holen submitted their favorite lists also.

It was a ton of fun, so check out the video posted below! 90 minutes Live Without A Net with two whack jobs talking about all things music! 

Lot’s of talk about RUSH, KISS, Maiden and so much more!

Thanks for letting me crash your Video Mikey!

80 thoughts on “Mikey Ladano and deKe’s Live Without a Net live video.”

  1. 11 Great Live Albums (off the top of my head):

    Midnight Oil – Scream In Blue
    Rolling Stones – Get Yer Ya-Yas Out (or Still Life, or Love You Live…)
    Iron Maiden – Live After Death
    Sloan – 4 Nights At The Palais Royale
    James Brown – Live At The Apollo
    Tragically Hip – Live Between Us
    Pixies – Saskatoon, 2004-04-17 (we were there!)
    Rush – All The World’s A Stage
    Blue Rodeo – Live In Stratford January 14, 2006
    Jimmy Page & Black Crowes – Live At The Greek
    Pink Floyd – Pulse

    Man, I could go for days, though. So many others!

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    1. I thought about the Hip and Sloan as some under the radar picks but that is a stellar list
      Page and Crowe’s cool one also
      Like I told Mikey lists can easily change a few hours later lol


      1. Oh yeah. I’m about to go get groceries, and by the time I get home, I’ll have thought of so many others!

        I don’t tend to think of Sloan and the Hip as under the radar. They are the radar!

        But there’s so many others, like:

        Slipkknot – 9.0 Live
        Neil Young – Live Rust
        SRV & Double Trouble – Live Alive
        Nirvana – Unplugged
        Slayer – Live Decade Of Aggression
        Miles Davis & Quincy Jones – Miles & Quincy Live At Montreux
        Peal Jam – Live On Two Legs
        Skydiggers – All Of Our Dreaming (especially There And Back Again)
        Metallica – Live Shit: Binge & Purge…

        See? ENDLESS!

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    2. Live After Death, Yes.

      I ALMOST put Blue Rodeo — Just Like a Vacation on my list. Almost. Man this was hard.
      Same with Crowes/Page. It could have been on my list. And Sloan WAS on my list, until I realized I had two #9’s which meant I had 12 on my list. Something had to give!

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      1. Yeah I thought Just Like A Vacation first, but when with Stratford just for the difference of it, but yeah JLAV is awesome too. I mean, it’s Blue Rodeo. It’s gonna be awesome.

        Another one I thought was Led Zeppelin, from the reissue LP set of LZ1, that live set in Paris holy sh*t AWESOME…

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    3. If me and Superdekes can hook up again for another night of lists, let’s get you involved and give you enough notice to get a list in. We need some A-Stew. Although I hope you caught your name drop at the end…COMMUNITY!

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      1. You know Deke I never do Facebook or any social media…but blogs are the coolest. It makes the world smaller and it’s cool to find out how music affected people from all over. I bookmarked it when you guys were talking about Perfect Strangers….I’m going back…My Saint Bernard decided to sit on me at that time so I will return!

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      2. Lol The bladder of the family pet always runs the house!
        Hey thats awesome you watched Max. I thought I would be on for 30 minutes tops and than check out but me and Mikey jsut kept going.
        I’m into social medai just follow music sites which is basically to kepp up to date wiht info etc.
        Just for music stuff though. I have my limitations hahaha

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      3. Yes they do!
        I just picked up again from where I left off…Thanks so much for the mention Deke. Blogs is where I find new music…or new old music like Sloan from you and The Teenage Head…I feel guilty lol..you guys are doing all the leg work!

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      4. Thanks Max for watching and the support. No leg work required were just sharing stories and music.
        I’m really glad you got into listening to Sloan and Teenage Head. Hearing stuff like that makes the hack writer in me proud. lol

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      5. I can’t believe you can smash out 3 posts in a day! Just finished reading your excellent Springsteen post.
        What a brilliant tune that one is.

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      6. Yea man I’m trying to cut down…I’m doing 1 a day during the week. It is fun though. I tell people I do blurbs more than real posts lol.

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      1. Weather and wifi permitting Deke and I are planning to hit FB around 7:00, Friday night. I’m also planning to do my own stuff on Saturday, going through the CDs from Don Don.

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