TROY! We’re out of Helix!



Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads that are out there reading blogs today!

Looking back over what is now decades (yikes) both of my parents left me alone on my musical path. In the past, I wrote about how growing up in the 70s how music became a huge part of my life (and still is for that matter) and KISS was the first band that I dug my heels in as I joined the KISS ARMY. 

When I mention above about my parents leaving me alone on my musical path what I mean by that is that even though my parents were dragging me to church every Sunday they could still appreciate my taste in liking KISS. So much so that for my 12th Birthday in October of 79 they took me to Duluth to see KISS Live. 

Even with all the bullshit of the protestors saying KISS stood for Knights In Satans Service. Mom and Dad could look past that.

Another Dad like figure in my life growing up was Tbone’s Dad who we referred to as Big Al. Tbone’s real name is Troy but growing up where I grew up you got a nickname and it stuck and it sounds bizarre to me when Tbone at times calls me Derek which is once in a blue moon.


Big Al and Myra (Tbone’s mom) played a huge part in my life as it was almost at times a 50/50 split between being at my house or over at Tbone’s as both of our houses were basically right behind each other.

Tbone’s younger brothers were a few years younger than us but Darren(Darr) and Randy(Rugg) I have known since 1975. The same damn year as KISS ALIVE! Erickson’s are family to me.

Our Grandfathers even back in the ’40s and ’50s hunted together so there is a ton of history between our families which still goes on to this day! 

Case in point my brother Todd currently lives across the street from Tbone’s brother Rugg. 


Once the early 80s rolled around Tbone got onboard with the hard rock. He would pick up the odd album here and there (Rush’s Moving Pictures and AC/DC’s For Those About To Rock to name but two) but as 1982 went into 1983 Tbone started ramping up on cassette tapes at the time which was his preferred choice of buying. 

I was buying everything Hard Rock and thought I had all the bases covered until Tbone pulled a fast one and bought the major-label debut of Canada’s own Helix.

No Rest For The WIcked was the name of the tape and within seconds of seeing it at Tbone’s place, we headed down to my house so I could dub it as I wanted to hear it for myself as Tbone said it was pretty good.

He was right Helix came slamming out of the gates firing on all cylinders with Does A Fool Ever Learn which was written by Eddie Schwartz who wrote Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benetar.

Some real good rock gems on this album like Check Out The Love,  Ain’t No High Like Rock N Roll, White Lace, And Black Leather.

Helix when I catch em live when they still come to town play No Rest  For The Record (the song), the biggie single which was Heavy Metal Love and the all-time great Dirty Dog.

Tbone hit one out of the park by purchasing No Rest back in 83 and actually up to last year I never owned an official copy of No Rest For The Wicked in any form until I scored it for a decent price on vinyl.

As the 80s progressed Tbone began snapping up CDs more and more as we all did. Tapes took a back seat in his world as vinyl did in my world.

Fast Forward into the early 2000’s…

Tbone by then had moved out of the family home a ways back but left behind his tapes. So what Big Al decided to do was to have a huge yard sale. Not just with Tbone’s stuff but all kinds of household products basically what no one was using in the house anymore. 

Tbone’s cassette collection which I bet was well past 300 was out on display. All the heavy hitters were up for sale. AC/DC, Whitesnake. Van Halen, RUSH, KISS, Triumph, Bryan Adams,  the sacred Bad Engish debut,  even Down For The Count by Y&T were also up for the taking.

The whole and mean whole tape collection was out for sale. For how much I have no idea as Big Al was the money man wheeling and dealing that hot sunny summer afternoon which was his specialty as he was a Real Estate Broker back in the day.

Big Al knows the gift of gab and is a great storyteller. (Trust me on that folk’s I may at some time have to tell a few stories about our Grandfathers)

So The Boss (my wife Sue) and I were visiting my parents that day of the Erickson Yard Sale so at one point I said to Sue we should head up to Tbone’s place to see what’s going on as I hadn’t seen him in a while.

Tbone was at the yard sale as were his brothers. The whole length of the driveway had all kinds of household items for sale. I was catching up with Tbone when all of a sudden the back screen door to the Erickson house flung wide(how that door did not come off the hinges is amazing) open and Big Al leaned right around the door and hollered for all to hear…


Time stood still at that exact moment when that one line came out for all to hear. Me and Tbone looked at each other for a few seconds then…


We cackled with laughter like two boozed-up hyenas. The laughs at what Big Al had said must have resonated throughout the neighborhood I’m sure. 

You would have thought that Sue must have been off our rockers but she was used to this kind of goofiness between me and the brothers and wasn’t fazed by it anymore.

Think about it for a second what Big AL had said.

Helix!! Out of quite possibly 75 to 80 different bands sitting there on the table with multiple tapes to pick from Big Al hollers HELIX!** 

I can honestly say that is the only time I have ever heard the words Helix comes out of Big Al’s mouth. If I was a betting man Tbone and his Bros would agree with me on this!

If Al had hollered RUSH, AC/DC even Aerosmith it would have been funny.

The fact that he went with HELIX took it another level of epicness that will never be topped!

Even to this day when it comes up, it’s still a great laugh.

Thanks, Big Al for one of the best one-liners I have ever heard in my life!

Let’s all give Big Al an ‘R’.

Happy Fathers Day to my dad Don and to Big Al and all the Dads out there!

Enjoy your day!

I have to thank Mikey Ladano for pushing me to get this story out. Why I had never mentioned this in some of my Helix reviews is beyond me but Mikey told me that back in the day his Dad thought the name Van Halen was a disease which if Roth had heard that he would have loved it!.

**- Helix was the first show that I believe that Darr and Rugg had seen with us back in 1985 on the  Long Way To Heaven Tour which only adds more classiness to the story. It all comes full circle!




31 thoughts on “TROY! We’re out of Helix!”

    1. Thanks for reading Pal. It is cool to have lifelong friends. I mean basiscally our famalies have been linked for well over 8 decades!
      Amazing when you really think about it..

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Classic Deke! Great memory for Fathers Day! My lasting memory of your Dad Don was when he’d whistle for you from your back door when you were a block over at my place and we’d here it and you were like “Shit, I gotta go!” Good times. Thanks for yet another great read. And Happy Fathers Day!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The whistle. It was crazy how loud it was and how it could echo through the trees. lol
        Happy Fathers Day to u as well Pal. Thanks for being a source of material for this blog. Your the gift that keeps on giving! lol


    1. Thanks, it was basically a 2 for 1 deal. Story and a Helix review all in one! lol.
      Appreciate you reading it.
      Have a good Father’s Day my friend!


  1. Fantastic instalment today Deke! TROY! We’re all out of HELIX! Words that have never been uttered before or since by anybody!

    No Rest was one I got on vinyl first as well. It might have been one of those things that they never printed on CD until way later, or it was out of print. Either way it was simply easier to buy a good LP. And for many years until Vollmer did his official reissues, all I had was the vinyl. It sounded great and still does. So many amazing songs but special mention to stuff like Ain’t No High like Rock and Roll, Does a Fool Ever Learn, Dirty Dog, and all the rest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for telling to me to get this one out Mikey!
      No Rest is a very good major label debut that gets overshadowed by the followup WTRE. No Rest though holds it own. Glad I picked this one up last year (finally).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s better than Razors Edge. To me it’s hands down No Rest. They have a few perfect albums, including Breaking Loose and Back for Another Taste. No Rest is up there.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Helix had a good run with albums. They never put out any that were a real miss whatsoever.
        LWTH I guess you could say the album/tour/album/tour grind caught up to them as I thought there was a bit of slippage on that one.(Still had some great stuff on it though)
        They had consistency!


  2. Great story brother…..the Erickson fam and the Williamson fam have had a great connection for close to 100 years now.
    My favourite story about our grandfathers was the time they found what was a dead bear in the bush, put it in the back seat of their car (bring it to town…hey the meat and hyde would fetch some coin….but the bear woke up half way to town. Big Al tells the story so good.
    On a final note….maybe a lot of your readers don’t realize this, but Deke (I’ve never called him Derek), is one of the greatest fathers around. Raising three amazing daughters. He did have a great role model growing up too….Donny is an all time great.
    Happy Father’s Day to all!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the kind words Bro!
      U as well especially starting a family at a young age where that thought hadn’t crossed my mind back than at all lol
      U put your kids first before anything at all!
      I could never do those Big Al tales justice in print! We would have to get him on video to tell the tales himself!
      Classic stuff!
      Heard another one the other day when my Grandpa had 12 hours to leave Toronto from a judge


    1. Helix was a touring fixture and independent act I think from 1974 til they got their record deal in the U.S in 83 with No Rest…
      They opened for a lot of hard rock bands in the day like KISS/Quiet Riot/Whitesnake etc.
      They came close to cracking the U.S in 84 with the tune Rock You.
      They are still going today with 3/5’s of the 1980’s lineup..
      Always put on a good show when they come thru town.
      thanks for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love that you guys spent so much time at each other’s houses, it was like a 2nd family.
    Happy belated Father’s day, Deke – report cards are done and I’m starting to get caught up on reading!

    Liked by 1 person

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