For Those About to Stream, Deke & LeBrain Salute You – Friday Live Show —

Hey Folk’s it was another Friday Night Rocker with Mikey Ladano where we chatted up our Top 11 AC/DC studio albums. A bunch of other folk’s contributed lists and off we went!

Thanks to Mikey for letting me join him as  I got to spout off a ton of B.S! 

Click the link below to watch the video stream…


The Technical Issue gods were merciful last night, and they connected Deke in Thunder Bay with LeBrain Summer HQ in Southern Ontario with only minor issues! In the episode we call “Seek the Deke”, we counted down the Nigel Tufnel Top Ten AC/DC albums of all time. Featured lists were submitted by: Myself Deke Buried […]

via For Those About to Stream, Deke & LeBrain Salute You – Friday Live Show —

67 thoughts on “For Those About to Stream, Deke & LeBrain Salute You – Friday Live Show —”

      1. Some of the shit was cringey man…I’m too old for that and yeah I Iive with females in the house! lol. Even Izzy our dog is female! Fender the Wonder thankfully is male

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      2. The vulgarity there far, far, FAR outdoes Holen. Just letting you know with fair warning. The warm cuddly Meat you know turns into a monster when he’s recording sketches. No one is safe. Nothing is sacred. Holen himself would be shocked. Fair warning!

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      3. There’s a good reason they say what happens at the Fest stays at the Fest. You will learn that Meat has a muse, and that muse’s name is Zach Britton, and Zach Britton is the victim of many, many sketches.

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      4. He’s the guy in the “I Like Iron Maiden” song. “Britton came into this world with a goblet in his hand…” I mean Meat wrote an entire song about him. He is the inspiration for their recording every year…and it’s very vulgar. LOL. But those guys love each other. I sure hope we get to do it this year. I don’t think it’s very likely anymore. Or at least, I don’t think it’s very likely that I can go anymore. I can still hope.

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      5. I think this year is a writeoff Mikey. Shoot for next year as you gotta keep Jen healthy man. Thats the priority which you know.
        But yeah give it time.

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      6. Exactly. You can only do your due diligence and hope everyone else is as well. But that is not the case more often than not.


  1. Hey Deke I’m listening now on the other page. I don’t know if it’s because of where i’m located but I tried to listen last night at different times from 7 through 9 and could only get the “streaming theme” which is burned into my brain lol.

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      1. Mikey streams it live on Facebook and than he edits it and posts it via the blog and Youtube and I just link it that way…
        Next time i’m on i’ll let you know where to find us on Facebook.

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      2. Cool thanks man. I should have known…funny I’m in IT but web stuff and social media…I hardly ever touch.

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      3. Lol, all good Bro. I kick around the blogs and Facebook for music stuff. Twitter I like as the info is quick. I post the odd thing but i’m not a posting lunatic. lol

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      4. When I signed into facebook it was like a “This is your life” episode…
        I probably will again soon…just to be on there.

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      1. Thanks for that. Yea I thought about getting an account again…I haven’t had one since it first came out and then left. You have to have one now to do certain things now…but the upside…I did learn your intro/theme rather well!

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      2. I find Facebook great to follow on music related sites like bands and artists.
        Political jargon I pass on as it becomes too much plus the added bonus is you can watch Mikey post like a lunatic when all of his Loudness box sets start rolling in!

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      3. Oh man yea…the politics are crazy on there…Cool dude…I’ll probably do it by my middle name Darren… I’m taking a few vacation days tomorrow and Friday so I will get it done. Thanks

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      4. LOL…no man…you need to write jingles…you would be a millionaire… man. I’ll volunteer to be your agent.

        Cool! I have a Facebook account now…I can’t believe I do but I have one now.

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      5. OK so here’s something you don’t know. I sing shit like that ALL THE TIME all day. My wife hates it (I think). She has like twelve songs written about her. There’s a guy at work who has a theme song and it’s just me singing his name. You really don’t want me posting any of these tunes. I get it from my dad.

        One time my dad was in a parking lot singing a song that went “Shittily shittily la la la,” and a Jehovas Witness walked up, handed him a pamphlet and said “You really need this.”

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      6. LOl…Oh man…that is GREAT about your Dad…That was perfect timing and classic!

        My dad had a terrible voice. He made guitars for country stars but could not play a note or carry a tune. I inherited the singing from him.

        Don’t feel alone. I’ve have quite a few demos waiting for a singer I know to put real vocals on. I sing pretty bad! That is why I don’t post them.

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      1. Only at film festivals right now Geoff in Alberta. Sounds like its getting rave reviews which it should.
        You can follow along on Facebook under Crocks or Five Dollars at the Door is the other site I believe.

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