Martin Popoff: Iron Maiden Trilogy.

Hey, Folk’s Martin Popoff has just released his third book in a series focusing on Iron Maiden.

Empire of the Clouds just came out last week and I just received it in the mail and I’m psyched to dig into this book on what is easily my all-time favorite band.

Martin in all three books goes album by album,song by song not only the Iron Maiden material but Popoff also digs into the solo albums by Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris, Adrian Smith, Paul Di’Anno, Blaze Bayley throughout the four decades of Maiden!

As a fanboy since the summer of 1981, I can honestly say Martin does his homework as he basically has interviewed all of Iron Maiden even manager Rod Smallwood at various times throughout the years.

So for me, these books are legit.

Basically with the three Maiden Books combined you’re getting well over 700 pages of stuffed info!

Thanks for the books, Martin…

Click the link below and check out his books and support independent writers!








17 thoughts on “Martin Popoff: Iron Maiden Trilogy.”

      1. Thanks John.
        I already reviewed the first two so the third shall apeear at some point sooner than later!
        I read the first chapter of Empire last night which focuses on Bruce’s first album back ‘Brave New World’.


    1. Martin always does a stellar job at writing these books. Empire of the Clouds is updated right up to June of this year! So it’s the latest!
      By the way Geoff you need to see my post from yesterday as I think you will get a chuckle out of it!

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    1. Love Popoffs stuff as I like it when he has written books on Accept which was a great read and Riot as well.
      Martin writes books that other authors won’t take the time to do!

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