Ask Wolf A Question and…

Twitter is a whole new world to me as I will be the first to admit I’m a kinda a noob with social media. 

Guys like Ladano and John Snow are great with it and I do like Twitter as music sites get info out quickly etc.

Mikey though says Twitter is a big self-promotion tool and when you think about it Mikey’s right.

Case in point…

Wolf Van Halen is coming out with a solo album at some point as he’s been answering a ton of questions about his first release which has been cool. 

It’s unfortunate as they are the idiots out there commenting but Wolf is great at taking the high road in all of it. 

I figured I would throw out a question about his upcoming album and well…

Check it out. 

Kinda cool.

Course Mikey called me out later in regards to iTunes! lol

24 thoughts on “Ask Wolf A Question and…”

  1. That is a neat feature of twitter – being able to interact with the artists.
    I called it Apple Music ‘iTunes’ the other day (and was quickly corrected as well) so you’re not alone, Deke!

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  2. Very cool you got a reply from him, Deke! If it’s any consolation, my iMac is so old I can’t even get Catalina and therefore still have the old iTunes. There’s a post about that coming up, though. It’s not good… Gah.


  3. Yeah, I know people love Twitter, but I never went there. I’ve even started taking myself out of the social media platforms I did engage in. Currently, I blog and I use Instagram. That’s it. Too much negativity for me in social media, though it is cool to be able to communicate w people like Wolf. Anyway, hope you are well. Been busy as heck here with work, but that is a good problem to have these days. Cheers!

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    1. Thanks Dude! I was surprised as I have sent a few questions now and than so WVH answering me kinda made up for my 0-20 streak I was on at sending questions. Lolol

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      1. I love both of those and also Happy.
        Before they make me run has the coolest line. “I wasn’t looking too good but I was feeling real well”

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  4. Nice! Twitter is great for things like that. I post most days on there and once in awhile get a random reply from the artist themselves and know a few musicians regularly will keep in touch with fans via it. Usually ones in smaller-selling acts are more prone to (volume of tweets and e-mails I suppose) but I’ve had a few conversations with Mike Mills of REM on there… more often about baseball than music though!

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