Back Covers: Vandenberg- 2020

So glad to report that Vandenbergs first new studio release since 1985 is one fine return to hard-rock form from the fella named Adrian whose band sports his last name that being Vandenberg.

Pete from the fantastic Destroyer of Harmony blog site was the first guy to post that it was a solid album. I took his bait and bought it off iTunes.

I was blown away at how good this record is. I did review upon its release a few weeks back. 

My daughter Kylee for Father’s Day gave me a gift card from Amazon. One purchase I made from that gift card was Priest Live. The second purchase was the 2020 album from Vandenberg.

For starter’s the price was right. $20 Canadian which was a steal. (I’ll explain later) The other was I really don’t buy anything new in a physical product by bands. The last new release I bought was the last Monster Truck album (True Rockers)which I purchased at the Truckers show when they came through Tbay last year.

In other words, I’m a retro rock kind of guy.

2020 is a cool back cover. I like how they did the credits for the album like a movie poster. Remember those?

Simple yet effective. Also included was a download card for the album which was cool and since I already bought 2020 on iTunes I sent Mikey the code so he can listen to it. That’s if he ever gets through his Loudness Box Sets. lol

Another cool feature was this pictured below.

Red Vinyl! Very slick looking.

Remember how I said I got this record for $20 Canadian. Well after I purchased it I checked back the next day and copies of this album we’re going between $47 and $63 Canadian through second-party sellers.



26 thoughts on “Back Covers: Vandenberg- 2020”

  1. Solid back cover.

    As you said it looks luke a movie poster.

    I’m still listening to it on a daily basis and some songs more than others depending on my mood.
    Plus there’s always the cool bit of learning a few of the riffs and making the connection to previous songs.
    Cool price as well hey. You can’t get brand new Vinyl in Australia for less than $30..

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    1. That price for new albums applies here as well Pete.
      For something new this album just kicks ass and good move on Adrian to release this as the world goes into the toilet at the moment.

      Stay safe Pal!

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  2. I knew the name but I didn’t think I knew anything about them…it just hit me…Burning Love which is not on this one but I remember them getting a lot of airplay here. That name also stayed with me for some reason.

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    1. Are you thinking Burning Heart Max?
      That was the biggie track back in 82.
      They actually did a redoo of that track on this album.
      Dare I say its better than the original? I’m thinking so but it’s close.

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      1. I must have had an Elvis flashback! Burning love lol. That is it!
        Ok I’ll take a listen to the newer one.

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