Summertime Spin: Y&T- In Rock We Trust (1984)


Another fun summertime spin (which is another one I had on cassette tape) back in the summer of 1984 was this one from those cool cats hailing from San Francisco that are known as…


In Rock We Trust came from the 4 Cali dudes and should have shot them into the stratosphere of success but for some crazy reason, it didn’t as it should have as here in Thunder Bay it sold some copies.

The finicky hard rock market in 1984!

Still, though this was a cool fun listen riding my bike to and from my dishwashing gig at the local hospital back in the summer of 84 when I had to be at work for 6am!

These tunes on those early summer mornings woke me up beginning with Rock N Rolls Gonna Save The World. The fun continues throughout with some more cool tunes like Lipstick and Leather, Masters and Slaves and She’s A Liar.

See that was the neat thing about these guys. This just put out a fun party record yet they could play their instruments as proven on 83’s Meanstreak release.

In Rock We Trust was produced by Tom Allom. It was on a major label(A&M Records) and they had major video airplay for the cool summertime happy go lucky single Don’t’ Stop Runnin.

For some reason, IRWT came up a bit short. 

No lack of effort(outside the goofy cover) IRWT should have been up there with the Big Boys!

Search it out or stream or buy it. You won’t be disappointed if you’re in the market for fun party rock!

Crazy to think that Joey Alves, Leonard Haze, Phil Kennemore have all passed on. Only Dave Meniketti continues on with Y&T and from the clips, I have watched Dave still sounds tremendous vocally and still can play a mean guitar. 

I reviewed  IRWT back when I got a bunch of albums from my pal Deaner at work and in the batch that I got was IRWT on vinyl.



20 thoughts on “Summertime Spin: Y&T- In Rock We Trust (1984)”

    1. Yeah you got a point Kev. Even KISS was muscling up the sound and Van Halen on Balance went a little dark as well. All the acts did to try and adapt to change or the singers just quit and went solo. lol

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  1. I enjoy the morning bike to work – though I might need some Y & T to help me fully wake up on the bike if school started at 6 am! Sounds like a good listen, that was probably a lot of the initial appeal of The Darkness for me, Rock + Fun!

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    1. It was a great listen back than Geoff and still a decent spin today. Funny thing is I work at 7am now so my Walkman has been replaced by the iPod. lol
      The More Things Change. The More They Stay The Same.

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    1. Do go if you have the chance. I have watched some of the YouTube clips and they sound real good still
      This lineup has been intact for a while. Kinda happens when 3/4’s of the band passes on.
      Thanks for reading

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  2. I didn’t think I knew these guys…then…that name popped back in my head…yes this is the band had Summertime Girls…I remember that one.

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    1. Summertime Girls the studio version and video were wrong! lol
      They played into the Suits hands at the record company for a hit and it did not set the world on fire.
      The live version of S.G’s is way better but there are many Y&T tracks that are so much stronger. Check out the tune Meanstreak on Youtube. That represents the sound much better.
      Trust Me! lol

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