Linden Hudson: TV Dinners!

It was nice to hear from Linden Hudson a few days ago. Linden, as you know, did a lot of work on creating the songs that shaped ZZ Top’s Eliminator record from 1983, and Linden’s work on it went uncredited. 

From Linden:

“Here’s another sliver of sound media from my ZZ Top “shoebox”. It’s been merged with some video shots of photos, there’s explanatory text. Never heard until recent years. A rehearsal tape.”

Thanks, Linden for dropping by the site! It was great to hear from you as well!

12 thoughts on “Linden Hudson: TV Dinners!”

  1. 40th anniversary Eliminator boxset with all rehearsals included, and a portion of the sales going to Linden.
    I will buy one.

    Note to Linden if you read this:
    I will buy any cassette copy you want to sell me filled with demos.
    Let me know. I hope all is well.

    Thanks for this Deke

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  2. It’s hard to read that stuff without getting angry…you know? Just a credit would have pushed his career ahead back then even if they wanted to be cheap. I’m glad Billy finally said something about him later…it was enough at the time though to go around.

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  3. I’d love to hear the full demos. I know there’s some bits and pieces up on YouTube, but it’d be interesting to hear the full recordings. ZZ would never make that happen, though… especially given the shadiness that took place. One thing the recent doc would have done well to explore.

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