Cinderella: Night Songs(1986)


When you take a look back to 1986, you can see over the course of four Cinderella albums that main songwriter/guitarist and lead vocalist Tom Keifer delivered some top-notch material which at times over the years people focused more on the image on the debut album “Night Songs” than the songs that make us this classic record.

When I began my journey back in 2017 to start acquiring vinyl whether it was new (thanks to my daughters on buying me reissues) or used(my deal) I never saw any CInderella in the used bins. 

I kept my eye on Discogs of course but by the time you add in the cost of shipping and the fact that the album is used etc I could buy it new (on 180 gram) from Amazon at the same price.

That’s what I did with” Night Songs” and the followup “Long Cold Winter”. Bought em both, a little pricey but enough was enough! 

Back in 86, I purchased “Night Songs” on cassette. Never got around to purchasing it on CD funny enough so I think 34 years later it’s time for an upgrade don’t you think?

Tom Keifer wrote all the 10 tracks that make up “Night Songs”. The title track opens the album and what a fantastic song. A sludgy like pace which features some brilliant slide guitar and this song is I think is one of Keifer’s best-written tracks. It dictates whats to follow. 

I need a shot of gasoline
I hittin’ one sixteen
I get so hot I see steam
Forget the day, cause were gonna scream
Night songs
Howl into the light, singin’
Night songs
Makes the day right
Night songs
Raise your glass, take a bite
Night songs
My first glimpse of Cinderella came shortly after the album was released. We used to get 3 American TV channels at the time from Detroit and one of them was a hard rock tv show shown either Friday or Saturday nights and would feature videos and interviews of the bands coming through Detroit.
One of those bands featured was Cinderella with the debut single “Shake Me”. The video I guess you could say impacted me as Keifer had that Steve Tyler swagger down pat in that video. A great fun time video with a great guitar solo and a catchy chorus.
Keifer knew and still does know the fine art of crafting rock tracks. “Once Around The Ride” and “Back Home Again” are stellar tracks both rip n roar at a solid clip with tempo changes and some fantastic playing.
Speaking of which before Tom solidified the touring lineup of Cinderella which of course features Jeff Labar, Eric Brittingham, and Fred Coury. Some other players added their flair to the mix on Night Songs that being Barry Bennedaeta( who handles the lead guitar on three tracks) and Jody Cortez (who does all the drums on Night Songs).
Make no mistake though Mercury Records got behind this band as did fellow label mate Jon Bon Jovi (Jon sings backing vocals on two songs those being “Nuthin For Nuthin” and “In From The Outside”). As well as Andy Johns(Zep) was brought in to dial in the sonics. 
The key to breaking Night Songs was the road and back in 86 when you secured the opening slot on the biggest arena tour of the year that being Bon Jovi who were selling mega copies of “Slippery When Wet” it’s a win-win.
The winner in this was, of course, Cinderella who secured that opening slot playing in front of sold-out audiences night after night ad in doing so Jon and Richie Sambora appear in the “Nobody’s Fool” video which reached #13 on the Billboard Singles Chart as well as Night Songs got up to #3 on the album side of Billboard.
I always found it amusing that Night Songs gets lumped in the whole Hair Metal debate. Sure perhaps in some spots but overall the cover is more Hair Metal looking than the sounds inside. I often wondered if the front and back cover was just all black or green. What would people have said then?
When it comes to this record I tell people you need to listen with your ears don’t let the album cover dictate the end result.
Sure you could say that JBJ had helped make no mistake though as Tom Keifer was on a mission back then and had the talent himself to be successful.
“Night Songs” proves that.
Coming Up…
“Long Cold Winter”


49 thoughts on “Cinderella: Night Songs(1986)”

  1. I started to listen to them right at Heartbreak Station and the song Shelter Me. They had a blues/rock thing going on at that time.

    Is this one in the same vein? I got the impression they changed it up a bit with Heartbreak Station.

    Tom is a hell of a musician and singer…he lived in Nashville for a while.

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    1. Keifer in Cinderella wrote 4 original albums. Basically each one sounded different but still had that rock vibe.
      Night Songs and H.S are two different albums but they still rock in there own way.
      Keifer is brillaint. Tom released a wicked good solo record in RIse last year.

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  2. Woah, I didn’t know Jon Bon Jovi did backing vocals on a couple tracks, I’m only familiar with the ‘Night Songs’ album and nothing else. I wonder if the band maintained some success after their peak years though.

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  3. I saw the Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet Tour and Cinderella opening. It was a stellar show (I still have the Bon Jovi T-Shirt and it is funny how it doesn’t fit any more. I think someone must have shrunk it. This Cinderella album is killer. I listened to this thing all the time and of course LCW when it came out. I didn’t know it back then, but I really liked the Blues sound of it.

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    1. That tour got a lot of press in Circus and Hit Parader John.
      What a show to have caught. Man oh, man. Night Songs has been such a great revisit. It cost a bit but its worth it.

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  4. I quite like your advice of listening with ears, Deke – it would be interesting to see if more subdued cover art would have made a difference.
    I imagine the fashion was an important part of the appeal at the time but if it had a front cover closer to, say, Metallica’s 1991 cover, the listener reaction might be altered.

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    1. Good call on the Metallica cover. I remember getting it at the time and going all black? Oh, I get it they want no color to associate with all the rock covers at the time which were very colorful.
      Smart move on Metallica’s part.
      Cinderella by album Number 2 did just that which you will see later this week at the
      Cheap plug lol
      Good luck this week Geoff. Stay safe not only to you but to Wendy and the girls.

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  5. Funny enough I didn’t buy Night Songs until recently — probably last year! I guess I had the greatest hits so I figured “I already have all the good songs.”

    Then knuckleheads like my blogging pals get me to spend my money and I end up with Night Songs!

    I have to admit I don’t listen to it often. I’m a Long Cold Winter guy — I would write a book about that album and maybe I should. So funny that an album called Long Cold Winter was my summer album in 88. But that album really hit me in a good way, and playing it back today, I still enjoy it very much.

    With Night Songs, I can only distinctly recall five of the tracks.

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    1. True. It came out in May and even us in Canada have nice weather than as the album is called LCW! I got that ready to go on Thursday.
      Night Songs was a cool listen as I really those non singles…

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      1. Gypsy Road hit MuchMusic when the weather started warming up and I ended up getting it mid-summer. For me the non-singles on Long Cold Winter are really awesome, stuff like Take Me Back.

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  6. Wow, so you are a recent vinyl collector. I had no idea. I never bought from Discogs, but I have friends who use it all the time. Might have to give it a shot to fill some gaps in the collection. Hope all is well. Cheers.

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    1. Yes Jeff when I turned 50 almost 3 years ago I got right back into it as my daughter Lexie was starting to buy records
      I got lucky as my daughters buy me vinyl for gifts 🎁 now lol! They tell me pick and we will pay
      Great kids lol
      Been fun I’m close to or just over 400 records now which I’m proud off
      Great fun hobby

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      1. Books. Covers. Etc. Hard to look past that, I guess. I certainly wouldn’t have looked past the look on there if that was my first glimpse of the guy.

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