Coney Hatch Live Stream- Saturday Oct 3rd 2020

What better way to self isolate next Saturday night at home (Oct 3rd, 2020) but still being able to hang out with four Canadian fella’s…

Those four fella’s are the one and only “Coney Hatch”!

If you are a reader at this site you already know that the Hatch carved out a niche in my listening habits at a very young age back in 1982. Fast forward 38 years as  Andy Curran, Carl Dixon, Dave ‘Thumper’ Ketchum, and Sean Kelly are still bringing it live.

Trust me on that last sentence as I caught Coney when they finally made their appearance here in Thunder Bay last year(first time back here since 1985) and they were beyond awesome!

So what the boys are doing is a full out Livestream concert on Nugs TV for $9.99!

What a deal! It’s easy to order and what a great way to support live music as we know there hasn’t been much live music at all. Click the link below!,1367/Coney-Hatch-10-2020-El-Mocambo-Toronto-4K-ON.html

Better yet a double live Coney Hatch album is going to be recorded at this show and released which takes place at the famous El Mocambo in Toronto.

Anyone out there ever heard of that place called the El Mo?

You can preorder the live album, and if you are wondering I did indeed pull the trigger and pay for it as I have been bugging Sean Kelly for about 3 years now asking him when is the Coney live album dropping?

Well, it’s dropping right to my doorstep at some point! Can’t wait! Click below to order up some vinyl!

If anything this supports live music and musicians so if you are looking for something to watch, click Coney, and hang around by the “Monkey Bars.”

In other words “Catch The Hatch”

You will not be disappointed!


20 thoughts on “Coney Hatch Live Stream- Saturday Oct 3rd 2020”

  1. Neat idea for a double live recording – and am I remembering correctly that you had interviewed Sean? And he was quite gracious & humble in the interview? That’s the sort of artist I definitely like to support!

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    1. Yes indeed Sean Kelly did do a Top 10 Questions With.. and was really cool and gracious.
      Meeting him as well was fantastic as he loves music and gets to do a job that he loves. Such a great guy and that’s why everyone wants to work with him.

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      1. Do you remember those year-in-review vhs tapes about the early 90s blue jays seasons, Deke?
        Someone uploaded them to youtube & I’ve been enjoying having them on while doing dishes.
        It’s neat to watch Joe Carter – he looks like he is just having a great time playing baseball. And Pat Gillick even commented on him, saying like with Sean Kelly, when you’re grateful that you get to do a job you love, what a difference that makes!

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      1. I dug deep with Storm Force, my shovel is now broken! 🙂 I have bought so much the last two weeks that I now have to skip the record show in 2 weeks because there is so much I want for the next RSD in October. Sacrifices!!

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