IRON MAIDEN-1980-1988

Going to tackle something that I have not done in almost 5 years and that’s devote a full month of posts on one act!

For the month of October, I’m going to blog about the 7 studio albums and 1 E.P that  Iron Maiden released from the years 1980-88.

These reviews, of course, will talk about the music Maiden created during this time but more or less it will be about the stories behind each record on how basically each one impacted me as a listener growing up in the 80s upon there initial release back then and now!

Hope you will all join me on October 5th and share your stories as well…



24 thoughts on “IRON MAIDEN-1980-1988”

  1. Killers>S/T. Killers=better without “Twilight Zone”. Now I’ve alienated both of my strongest allies, haha.

    I’ll extend an Olive Branch for Harrison, “Invaders” still sucks.

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  2. When I first encountered Superdekes, it was around the time I was posting my own Maiden series. Mine was CD of course, but Superdekes is hard core. Maiden on vinyl. The best way to experience Maiden is to experience the artwork on vinyl. So we have come full circle and Superdekes is taking the Maiden torch!

    This will be good and I’m on board.

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    1. Thanks, Brother Ladano!
      I hope you enjoy the stories and pics of the albums. I kinda snapped a few too many but they are impressive in the packaging so you need to see them.


    1. That’s aweosme Geoff. Thanks for reading along. I started writing this series back when I was on holidays back in August!
      I just finished the last one last Saturday.
      So here we go!

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