Eddie Van Halen

Another tough loss in the year 2020 to deal with. Eddie was a game-changer in a lot of our worlds as fans of guitars and fans of his band Van Halen.

I never played guitar but I sure as hell did a lot of air banding to all those iconic EVH riffs from the very first time I sauntered home in the snow after a trip  from the record store back in January 81.  I had firmly gripped under my arm a copy of “Women and Children First” and dropped the needle on my crappy stereo.

My stereo never sounded so good as EVH’s playing just knocked me into next week with that style of his.

I never heard that tone the ‘brown sound’ as they called it. What can I possibly add other than to say…

Thanks for the music, Eddie! You will be missed!

Yup, the pic posted below will be what I’m getting into this evening…



26 thoughts on “Eddie Van Halen”

  1. Very well written. My first experience of Van Halen was in the service when a marine buddy blasted some Van Halen. I was hooked from the get go. At the moment, I feel a little bad about calling him a sell out in 1986. Rest in peace Eddie.

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    1. Thanks Kev. Lot’s of great tributes here at WordPress tonight. To think what I consider the best drummer and guitarist ever to grace this earth pass away in the space of 9 months is unimaginable yet it happened.
      2020 can go away…

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    2. Tough tough loss Deke….I still remember listening to women and children first at your place. I recall thinking that there’s no way one guy is playing ALL THAT GUITAR. I put tape all over my shitty music city guitar shortly after that, to try and make it look like eddies. We had a lot of good times listening to VH together, just trying to figure out what the hell Eddie was doing.

      Peart/ Van Halen….2020 has been one massive kick in the nuts buddy.

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  2. Man oh man. I am still mourning this to be honest. I’ve been watching everything available on YouTube and listening to podcasts on the band I didn’t even know existed. This has winded me for the time being and I’m actually surprised how much this has fucked me up. Great read though Deke.

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