Iron Maiden:Iron Maiden(1980)


So here we go folks. I finally got around to getting the Iron Maiden debut in the summer of  1982 when my family took a vacation to Winnipeg Manitoba.

So that is why the debut from 1980 is the fourth Maiden review as it was after Killers, Maiden Japan, and The Number of the Beast that made me realize I had to get all the releases as Maiden was becoming my favorite all-around band!

By the summer of 1982, the North American press was picking up on the vibe so Maiden was starting to appear in the magazines. 

So as they say now, Maiden was trending in the upward position.

When listening to that debut back then it was apparent that Maiden meant business as “Prowler” (the opening track) proves.  I like the guitar interplay between Dennis Statton and Dave Murray. Clive Burr drives the Maiden bus forward with his drumming while Paul Di’Anno spouts off like the punky metaller he was. “Prowler” is a great track. 

The next two tracks I had heard of course those being “Running Free” and “Remember Tomorrow” from the five-song live Maiden Japan EP from late 1981. 

The tempos on the studio versions of these two tracks especially “Running Free” are pretty noticeable. Both are great versions. (live and studio) It was neat to hear just how much of a powerhouse Maiden was live in 1980-81 with Paul manning the microphone.

The rest of Iron Maiden was like a whole new album. I had never heard the already mentioned “Prowler”, “Phantom of the Opera”, the instrumental “Transylvania”, “Strange World”, “Charlotte The Harlotte”, and “Iron Maiden”(the song).

The debut stands up on its own merit even today.   A pretty decent record that really was the stepping stone to what would become Killers.

Steve Harris is a force on this album writing five of the eight tracks solo along with two cowrites with Di’Anno. Dave Murray contributed with “Charlotte The Harlot”.

While the Maiden albums that followed sounded heavier I like Will Malone’s stripped-down approach on this record. A go for the jugular kind of vibe. 

Even the cover with Eddie drawn by Derek Riggs is starting to become an Icon. Look at the back cover shot for instance. Eddie was becoming the backdrop to the live shows and you can even see the upgrade when you compare this back cover to the Killers back cover.

Come to think of it has there ever been a Maiden T-shirt sold at a show with the actual Iron Maiden guys on it? Hard to say.

Course over the last 40 years these songs at various times have been staples in the set. 

I love Gatefolds Part 3-see pic below

When I caught the Maiden England show back in 2012 “Phantom of the Opera” was played and of course in every show since 1980 Iron Maiden the song has been performed because as you know…

Iron Maiden will get all of you!

Iron Maiden released April 14,1980

Canadian sales of Iron Maiden-Platinum.

As the band heads into 1981 there is a change coming in the ranks as Dennis Stratton was giving his marching papers out of Maiden by Rod Smallwood and Steve Harris. Say Hello to Adrian Smith!

23 thoughts on “Iron Maiden:Iron Maiden(1980)”

  1. I love this album, and I don’t mind the production at all. Raw production isn’t exactly a stranger to metal records. No matter how much Steve tries to deny it now, there’s definite punk influence on this thing. If he hated punk so much, why would he get Paul, a self-proclaimed punk singer? I definitely think his “punk” influenced songs are a lot better and more compelling than his attempts to be the metal Genesis (Peter Gabriel era) on the last few albums. Here it’s get in, get out, no time to get bored. Even “Phantom of the Opera” feels like every section has a point. Repetition is not prog, that’s why nothing he’s ever written will ever be “The Battle of Epping Forest”, no matter how hard he tries! UP THE IRONS!

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    1. Good point Holen about the get in and get out the approach of this album. They got their foot in the door with this one and kicked that door a little more and more with each release that would follow


  2. Listening to the first album while reading this and it’s not bad. With Di’Anno, Iron Maiden sounds like a different band! Di’Anno is a good singer, but he doesn’t have the intensity and toughness of Dickinson. The first album had some cool riffs too.

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    1. Well, it’s a good starter’s kit into the world of Maiden that’s for sure. True, a very different band with Paul at the mic. Always enjoy putting this one on again at times.

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      1. It’s a good album I agree! The first one also gives you a taste of Maiden and introduces people to Steve Harris’ brilliant songwriting (Dave also contributed to one song like you said).

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  3. Love this album too. The greatest debut of all time in my opinion. I actually like the punky feel of it. None of the other Maiden albums have it and it makes for nice variety in the discography.

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  4. I do need to go back and pay attention to these Pre-Dickinson albums as this sounds great. I’d even like the rawer sound production-wise. Another great review and you almost have me convinced to go down this long and expensive path.


  5. I’m jealous of that gatefold! Mine doesn’t have that. I’ve always thought Eddie looks like he has just woken up on the cover. Oh man, you’ve just awoken the Maiden! After listening to Deep Purple In Rock and knowing how big fans these guys were, I can hear their heavy influence on this album.

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    1. Thanks I got the debut as a gift when I hit 50! Never played them as e artwork on the vinyl is pristine and I want to keep it that way!
      I will need to check out In Rock now to see what the fuss is about lol


  6. Wait a minute — are all these Maidens gatefolds now??

    This is so great. I was later than you, but one thing we have in common is that I got this album later on, not first. I was one of the last ones I needed to “finish” my collection in highschool. Grade 10 as I remember.

    I prefer it to Killers but I’ve said that before. The production isn’t as Maiden-y but there’s warmth to it.

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    1. I got the debut as well in Grade 10! But that was 1982! lol
      I was lucky that I got this debut/ Killers/ TNOTB all for my Birthday when I hit 50. 3 of my pals from work went all to the same record store together and each bought me a different Maiden album!
      How lucky was that!?? Funny enough a few months before that Lex bought me the debut as well but not the gatefold.
      That one I play as I have never played the gatefold ones as the artwork on the vinyl is amazing!

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      1. The Maiden reissues you have been showing off look sooooo good that I think I would be very happy with them in my collection. For Kiss, I’m still going to try and collect a complete set of original vinyl. I’m prepared to pay through the nose for a good condition Double Platinum. But for Maiden, I think these reissues look good. Maybe I should go for that new picture disc version.

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  7. More great Maiden, I think this is almost perfect – but Killers just pips it for me. I love the energy and the rush of it all. Not to mention the nastiness, that was an important factor when I was a ghoulish little teen.

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      1. I think most bands produce their best stuff then, or the stuff I prefer anyway. Too much money in the bank dulls the appetite for the fight, or something like that.

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