Iron Maiden: Live After Death (1985)

Well, when classes began In September 1985. I was heading into Grade 13 at High School and focused.

Come mid-October though there was the matter of Iron Maiden releasing the classic double vinyl “Live After Death”. 

School once again took a back seat for a few days as Maiden delivered the goods on all fronts on what has become an all-time classic!

The packaging was superior (to this day nothing by anybody has come close if you ask me) as Maiden made sure that if you are going to pay for a double live album your going to get your money’s worth and more!

Double gatefold, booklet included including a ton of tour info and dates, tons of pictures, and once again some fabulous artwork done by Derek Riggs.

As far as the music goes it’s 98 minutes of Maiden in their glory with three sides recorded over 4 nights at the Long Beach Arena in California.

I love Gatefold’s Part 5- This is one of the best shots ever below! Kudos to Ross Halfin


Iron Maiden pulls out all the stops big time. Martin Birch dialed in the sonics perfect at the recording board and each member of Maiden shines!


Side 4 was recorded in Maiden’s own back yard of England at the legendary Hammersmith Odeon in which the brilliant “Wrathchild” is played. Listen to the Air Raid Siren known as Bruce Dickinson wail on this track.

Live After Death knocked me off my socks over the 19 songs that make up the album as the packaging alone is worth the price of admission.

I did eventually get back to my school work.

Canadian Sales of Live After Death-Double Platinum

U.S Sales of Live After Death- Platinum.


40 thoughts on “Iron Maiden: Live After Death (1985)”

      1. If you ever meet Steve Harris one day, you should tell him those stories of saving your butt in school lol! Btw, I listened to AMOLAD today and I loved reading the lyrics because these guys are such great storytellers (amazing playing too)!

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  1. Best. Live album. Ever.
    And it was just recently rereleased on CD with the extra Hammersmith songs that were the b-sides to a couple of singles around that time.

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  2. Like Harrison said. Best. Live album. Ever.
    I had the double cassette and the fold outs on the cassette issues have never been matched either.
    It had so much information. And those tour dates listed on the sleeve. I stared at em for ages and then got out maps to track it.

    Damn, I just realized that Maiden also helped me with Geography. Lol.

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    1. Great to see that even though we live on the opposite side of the world from each other Steve and crew schooled us not only in Metal but Life!
      Maiden always delivered in regards to the packaging. Nobody comes close.

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    1. Graduated from Grade 12 in 85 and Grade 13 in 86
      In Canada they did away with Grade 13 a few decades back..
      Your not dumb dude Grade 13 was basically a year to boost your marks if u wanted to go to University instead of college
      Now it’s all condensed into a 4 year high school prograM
      Your still smart lol

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  3. I am loving this series. I’m excited that I know what’s coming next. but not so excited I can’t stop to share your enthusiasm for one fo ten greatest live albums of all time. The video is incredible too. I owe so much to Iron Maiden and their history lessons

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    1. Really glad to see you joining in Fella. Missed ya. This double record will never be matched as far as packaging goes and that’s right I forgot about the classic viid. What a double attack of greatness in album and video. Man I miss 1985!

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    1. These Maiden albums need to be seen on vinyl. CD’s does not do the artwork justice. Graphic goodies is a great description. I may have to steal that quote sometime lol
      Thanks for dropping by.

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  4. Hi-Way Market. Had to get the new Maiden. I knew I wanted the LP because Bob Schipper had the tape, and it didn’t have all the pictures and text. So my mom bought me the LP and it’s been one of my treasures ever since. Winter of grade 8.

    I’ll never forget Bob and I listening to this album so much. The lyrics were such a bonus. I had to have the lyrics.

    Great pictures Deke, just beautiful album.

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