BackCovers: AC/DC: Who Made Who (1986)

Since today is the release of a new AC/DC album (Power Up)  what better time than to do a Back Covers on the Iconic band!

AC/DC in the ’80s doesn’t really have too many BackCovers to talk about so when I scored this used copy of “Who Made Who” a little ways back the first thing that popped in my head was here’s a BackCovers post I can do!

Stephen King put out the goofy “Maximum Overdrive” movie back in 1986! I can say it was goofy as I paid to go see it at the movie theater.

What I can tell ya is that soundtrack to “Maximum Overdrive” is not goofy and that’s because Stephen did the right thing and got AC/DC to do it!

What you have here are 5 pics of the boys that are from the “Who Made Who” video shoot. Some good shots of the band as you have of course Brian/Angus/Malcolm/Simon and look at Cliff, he went and got a haircut!

What I like is the look and feel of a movie poster as you see the title of the movie below just below Angus’s picture. This would look pretty cool blown up and hanging on the wall of your man cave right?

Pretty cool cross-section of tunes course lead by the brilliant “Who Made Who” song itself! Plus Angus and Malcolm whipped up a couple of musical numbers (Chase The Ace and D.T) to round out the new songs that were mixed with the classics.


34 thoughts on “BackCovers: AC/DC: Who Made Who (1986)”

  1. While yea the movie was bad but it had it’s moments…but you really had to look lol…Great soundtrack though…no doubt about that. I agree…it would make a good poster.

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      1. Oh very cool
        Speaking of which Mike is doing a Zep list countdown tonight at 7
        I’m sitting this one out but I’ll be back next Friday with a guest in tow!

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  2. My first AC/DC album – I branched out from here on when I was 14. 2 years later I’d seen them twice, with Stevie Young subbing for Malcolm because he was recovering from the booze. I never looked back.

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  3. We rented this movie and thought it was the coolest thing ever. The big Green Goblin truck, the music, Emilio Estevez…we kinda felt like Maximum Overdrive gave AC/DC some cinematic legitimacy I guess.

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