Cheap Trick: Out To Get You Live (1977)




Never was big on the whole Record Store Deal hype as Thunder Bay has one store(part of a chain) but as I did in the past go and check out those RSD specials it always seems the Thunder Bay store gets stuff I have zero interest in.

Now with the Covid thing hanging around, I was intrigued that one of the record stores I visited back in 2017 (AUX 333) in Montreal (with my pal Tbone in tow) was doing an online-only RSD this year. The store would be open that day to buy used/new albums but the RSD only vinyl albums would be on sale at 1pm.

So back at the end of August, I took part in the online-only RSD event. I scored Ace Frehley Trouble Walking on double vinyl as I had never owned it and I guess it was time to get a copy of it 31 years later after its initial release.

So now at the tail of October, there was another RSD and I was intrigued by a couple of releases. 

But since all RSD releases all don’t go to the same store throughout the world it’s like a surprise to see what my go-to store in Montreal would have.

So at 1 pm, sharp Aux33 Tours in Montreal dropped their list of albums. Four pages were full of special albums for RSD.

Right off the hop, I added two double albums to my basket and as I scrolled to the other pages I added Skid Row Slave to the Grind on vinyl as well.

So I checked out and when I went to pay Skid Row was already sold out. That quick under 5 minutes. No fuckin around you have to grab and basically dash. I did and bam just like Skid Row was gone. Not the end of the world as in my basket I had Alice Cooper and Cheap Trick and I made my payment and that was it for shopping as I didn’t want to fart around and lose out on the Coop and Trick.

I have to add that when you order from Auxx33 they pack their vinyl in solid sturdy packaging. 

One of my scores is Cheap Trick “Out To Get You Live”

Now when it comes to live albums we all know how respected 1978’s Cheap Trick at the Budokan is for the masses. Back in 79 Budokan was my entry point into the world of Cheap Trick so in my world I regard it easily in my all-time Top 5 Live Albums of all time!


Out To Get You Live may just be the better live album over Budokan!

What did you say? Better than …..Budokan? 

Lemme explain.

Out To Get You is 100% live. Read the blurb below that is on the back cover.

So back in June 77 here’s Robin, Rick, Bun E and Tom are hanging around in LA recording on what would become their second LP (“In Color”) after their self-titled debut had just come out earlier that year. 

Cheap Trick was working hard, here they are touring a debut album while recording on a break the second album while also about to begin a 3-month tour that year opening for KISS on their Can-Am Tour 1977 followed by the release of In Color in September ’77!

Deciding to take a break from recording CT set up shop at the Whiskey A Go-Go and pushed the record button and recorded this show which for the most part has sat in the vaults since then.

That’s Crazy! 

22 Songs make up this album and looking at the tracklisting below the band is playing at least 12 songs that had not been released yet. How about three songs (“Auf Wiedersehen”, “Southern Girls”, and “High Roller”) that would not appear until the third album in 78. (“Heaven Tonight”) Crazier is another three-pack of tunes featured ((“Loser,” “Oh Boy” and “Can’t Hold On”) which wouldn’t see release for years or even decades later.

Did you folk’s out there reading this notice anything? How about the exclusion of two of the biggest CT tunes being “Surrender” and “I Want You To Want Me”. 

The audio on this release is beyond phenomenal. Tom Petersson’s Bass is enormous sounding. Folk’s we are talking the late 70s here and it’s massive. You can hear how guys like Dug Pinnick and Andy Curran have nicked Tom’s tone. 

Being live these songs rock. “Ello Kiddies” has Bun E Carlos laying down a drumbeat that is like a stomp. A stomp to your mellon basically.  Rick Nielsen plays a ton of catchy licks and being the main songwriter Rick knew the fine art of crafting hook-driven tunes that can give you a hard swift kick in the arse when needed.

Give it up for Robin Zander whose voice at times almost goes hoarse but that is the charm of this album. No studio trickery and perhaps the only live album in the ’70s (Aerosmith’s “Live Bootleg” would be another) that is not fixed up with all that studio trickery(Say hello KISS)

Bun E Carlos has put together a classic era RSD recording that I can honestly say is better than Budokan! Even the gatefold shot posted below is from those shows at the Whiskey! Let’s call this one an Impact Live Album!


32 thoughts on “Cheap Trick: Out To Get You Live (1977)”

    1. This album is a complete mind blower. A band on the upswing smashing out the songs on a bar stage and honing their craft.
      It’s so good and yes sir I stand by my statement that its better than Budokan. Budokan is a classic no doubt bu this one is LIVE! Look at that setlist. Wow!

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  1. Dude, nice score! Love Cheap Trick. I’ve seen them a bunch of times over the years and they always rock. If you have not done so yet, check out the animated film “Rock & Rule.” A Canadian film that features Robin Zander, Debbie Harry, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, and more. It’s right up your alley. Rock on!


      1. It was a one time abbrviated performance. It only last an hour. it was at a theme park called Opryland…That was my only complaint…and to make things worse at the end they started into Daytripper and stopped after the first riff…Rick said “sorry oh shit we can’t go over our time”… as a fan and a Beatle fan I was bummed about that.

        I just double checked…yep! May of 1984.

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  2. Interesting! Cool that you happened upon it in such an odd manner. I like “budokan” well enough, that I know and judging from that record, in the early days they were much better live than in studio (for the first, probably three albums at least)

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  3. I want this one too, HMO bought it.

    Funnily enough Budokan put me off Cheap Trick for years, I just thoguht it was really run-of-the-mill. It wasn’t until I bought the early studio LPs that I could see the genius of it all.

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