David Lee Roth: In The Heat of the Night (Live 1994)


Wrote this about 8 months ago…

By 1994 David Lee Roth’s career was in a tailspin as Dave’s current release at the time “Your Filthy Little Mouth” failed to set the charts on fire.

You would never know it by this soundboard recorded bootleg that has Dave live from Hollywood promoting his soon to be released studio flop.

Still, though Roth gives it his all on this and his vocals are still there. 


‘Big Train’ kicks it off and it’s a great opener as Dave as he always did was take charge. Part Barnum and Bailey and Part Lead Singer kick this set off and then it’s right into ‘Panama’. 

His band is tight plays the tunes and gets on with it. ‘Tell The Truth’ from 91’s “A Little Ain’t Enough” gets the call and is a great pick as well.

Dave knew the art of selling and boy does he try and sell ‘She’s My Machine’ telling the crowd ‘Here are the hits and more’.

I don’t think this tune went anywhere but it has a pretty cool bass line intertwining with the guitar. A slow burner kind of groove. 

Basically what you are getting here is 16 tracks of Dave Mach 94!

7 tracks from the current Roth record. 1 from ‘A little Aint Enough’. 1 from ‘Skyscraper’. 4 from the VH catalog including a pretty decent spin of ‘Beautiful Girls’ as well as 3 covers which is from his solo EP from 85.

Dave knowing this show is going out over the radio showed up and along with his band plays the tunes pretty good.

Overall a decent bootleg that I picked up on Google Play for a cheap price. 

I’m thinking this was his band from 1994.

Rocket Ritchotte-guitar John Regan-bass Brett Tuggle-keyboards Larry Aberman-drums.







32 thoughts on “David Lee Roth: In The Heat of the Night (Live 1994)”

    1. Basically, his voice is pretty good on this album. It was for a radio broadcast so Dave cleaned up his act for one night at least! lol GIve it a listen as it’s all up on Youtube.

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    1. It had to be hard for a guy like Roth as that album tanked whereas VH puts out an album the following year and it goes triple platinum.
      Not that Dave would ever admit that! LOL

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