Alice Cooper: Live At The Apollo Theatre Glasgow- 1982


I don’t own a lot of Coop stuff. If you want top-notch Coop reviews to check out go and track down “Mikey Ladano’s” site and also over at “Buried On Mars” who are the experts as those two fella’s know lots about Alice.

I’m a hit and miss Coop fan. I have picked up his last couple of albums and as well I tracked down a vinyl copy of the 86s “Constrictor” album as that was my intro into the world of Alice’s shock rock.

So when RSD came in October and I seen this one listed from Montreal I scooped it. Intrigued I was as this is Cooper and his band live on the” Special Forces Tour” back from 1982!

Limited to 7000 copies worldwide I pounced on this record (along with Cheap Trick) quickly, as come check out time I didn’t want to lose this copy as I had no idea how many the shop in Montreal had. (online shopping folks)

Once I received this record I thought it was cool as I have zero Coop stuff from this period so even though this show is from decades ago (Feb 19/82) to me it’s a new double live vinyl to add to my collection.

Even though Alice’s records were stalling on the charts (“Special Forces” the studio album only made it to #125 on the Billboard Charts) Coop though kept on doing what he does best and that was putting together a stellar group of musicians and hitting the road!

To be honest with everyone out there, other than the drummer  (who I had heard in the band Alcatrazz) I had never heard of any of these names before.

  • Bass – Erik Scott
  • Drums – Jan Uvena
  • Engineer – Mike Pela
  • Guitar – John Nitzinger, Mike Pinera
  • Keyboards – Wayne Cook


These cats know how to rock it up on stage. Coop has always had great musicians with him and this band is no exception.

Nothing in the way of packaging so for this album it’s more of Let The Music Do The Talking!

As I mentioned earlier nine out of seventeen tracks I have never heard so if anything this album is a great starting point into the early 80s world of Coop.

Still never too late to learn about rock n roll!



36 thoughts on “Alice Cooper: Live At The Apollo Theatre Glasgow- 1982”

  1. I skipped right over this one for some reason. I think since I was buying something from every month of the expanded RSD, I limited myself to critical releases for me and although I like Alice and have several on vinyl, he isn’t critical at the moment.

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  2. lol, I’m hardly a Coop expert! Go to Mike Ladano’s site if you want some REAL info!

    I definitely do want to give this one a spin! His live shows are his real masterpieces IMHO. And, I agree. His albums can be hit or miss but he is always evolving (or having a little trouble with the drink), so some of it doesn’t stick. But he is great whenever he finds something that does!

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    1. Really. Wasn’t that you showing off as stack of Coop vinyl at Bill’s Youtube channel or was I high? lol
      If it was you with those albums I tagged you as an expert that night. lol

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      1. It’s an odd duck of an era, but you’re going to find songs you didn’t know before, guaranteed! This whole “black hole” era of Cooper, you could make a decent greatest hits set.

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  3. I’m with you. I always wanted to get more into his music but never did. Seen him a few times though which raised the respect level quite a bit. Maybe with you and Mike hitting him pretty good I’ll start dabbling a bit more. Good one deke!

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  4. I haven’t heard much from this era…mostly seventies Alice but I did like some of his 80s releases I’ve heard. He was great live when I saw him.

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      1. Yea I saw them at Chuchhill Downs…NOT made for concerts…Alice sounded great…the Stones sounded distorted…Not comparing the two…but Alice was on…and his sound crew gets extra points.

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  5. Nice! I caught Alice on this tour. Generation Landslide was the high point for me. Also, Mike Pinera on guitar. Great guitarist. He was in Blues Image (Ride Captain Ride) and also played in one of the incarnations of Iron Butterfly. He was a local dude in Miami and I actually met him a few times. Nice guy.

    One last thing – just got Alice’s new game: Horrorbox. Need four people to play, so I will have to wait until I can gather, but I am excited none-the-less.


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    1. Oh cool. Thanks for the backstory Jeff. Somebody mentioned the other guitar player and now you talk about Mike. That’s awesome as I did not know much about his band from that time.
      Cool you saw him back than on this tour none the less.

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  6. I like the packaging but its the era from him I’m less keen on, I have a couple of singles from around then (Portuguese, for some reason they turned up in a second-hand shop in Wales) but that’s all I really know.

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      1. I get it, at that time I only seen the odd article of Coop in Circus or Hit Parader magazine. His career was in the tank pretty much but he could still draw a crowd.

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