World Premiere Video: Current River- Hodder To Hell(2021)

Well the masses have spoken and Tbone has listened and after 27 years the title track of the original 8 song cassette tape has been given the 2021 upgrade including a video! Now everyone out there can see the area in which we all grew up in.

 I will add that the solo on this tune is another one of my favorites from Tbone as he rips off licks from all the greats!

Enjoy Folks… 

52 thoughts on “World Premiere Video: Current River- Hodder To Hell(2021)”

    1. Riff Rock indeed. Pretty cool he included a picture of my old house on Hodder and a lot of that footage like the dam with the water running through is actually there. Even some of the apocalypse as well happens from time to time in Current River.
      When this shit passes the Hodder Hotel better buy him a round of beers! 4 minutes of free promotion!

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  1. TBone is busy recording during this lockdown. A Current River reunion show should be on the schedule after Covid is behind us….BTW….I think if you drank at the Hodder Tavern you may be immune.

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    1. Sorry Frank. I bet you thought you’d heard the last of that song 27 years ago. Lol. Appreciate you taking the time though. And BTW, loved “Five Bucks at the Door”.

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      1. The Hodder is a mainstay. The funny thing is we never played there and I don’t know why. I think we asked and they wanted a full out cover band and since we had ego’s we walked away or maybe it was too close to home lol

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      1. Oh no offence taken I laughed while doing it. I just told Deke that there’s a mini Keanu Reeves portfolio in there from Bill and Ted to Constantine.

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      1. LOL…hell you might boost their sales! I think a reunion is needed… We still play…or did before the world caught on fire

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      1. HAHAHA…Isn’t that the best. Tbone has said there have been 3 real bad accidents over the years as he used to work at a garage at that corner. That is the corner the Hodder Hotel is located at so there ya go… lol

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