Rock Candy Magazine: Dec 2020/January 2021 Issue

I have not done a “Rock Candy Magazine” review in a bit. As you already know I’m a huge fan of this magazine as it features a bunch of those brilliant Kerrang writers from the ’80s.

Since I have a tie-in with a review coming up that is featured in this issue I thought “Oh what the hell”.

Who that band or artist you ask?  Well, you will have to wait a few days to find out. How’s that for a cheap plug! 

Rock Candy is up to Issue 23 now (Yup I have all 23) and as always the writers have stepped up.

By checking out the cover above you can see all the musical goodies that are inside.

First of all, is a 10-page tribute to Eddie Van Halen which is very well done. 

“Yes” is the main focal point here and it’s a great read as there are new interviews with Trevor Rabin and Jon Anderson on the making of the mega-selling “901025” release back in 1984.

Pretty cool interview with Snake Sabo from Skid Row as he talks about recording the brilliant “Slave To The Grind” release. In what will come as no surprise to anyone they were having trouble with Bach already. lol

Rick Allen from Def Leppard discusses quite openly what he went through on that night of his accident and the amazing perseverance he went through to get back into the studio to finish Hysteria.

Look at that pic above it’s Ladano’s fav Bible Belters Stryper in which Micheal Sweet talks about the success and hassles of being well…Stryper!

Now the Award for best picture (see below) in this issue of Rock Candy goes to! Drum roll, please! 

Bam! That my friends is the one and only Pat Benetar! Wowzers what a great-looking woman and R.C take an in-depth look at all the shit and hassle Pat took in the late 70’s and early 80’s on getting her music out there in a male-dominated business!

Pat had to deal with a lot of creeps but guitarist Neil Giraldo as we all know together had a bunch of great selling albums and huge singles during the roaring ’80s.

Something I didn’t know is that Giraldo played lead guitar on Rick Springfields “Working Glass Dog”. Yup, that’s Neil on “Jessie’s Girl”.

Rock Candy never disappoints as they always make each issue interesting and #23 is no exception!

18 thoughts on “Rock Candy Magazine: Dec 2020/January 2021 Issue”

  1. Is this an actual magazine, like printed on paper? Everything seems to be going digital these days – even my Hockey News is pushing the online stuff more and more, probably won’t be long before it’s an account online…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Sir!
      How it works is when it is released I receive a digital copy and about 2-3 weeks later I receive the physical copy in the mail as it comes from England.
      Such a great mag as I have all 23 issues.


    1. It’s a great read Max. Our bookstore here in town gets it so I’m sure it’s floating around in Nashville. A little pricey but as it’s an import it’s stuffed with great interviews!

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  2. I haven’t seen that one…possibly is on sale here though ’cause the local B&N has a lot of Brit imports squeezed into a rather small section of magazine rack. I was reading through thinking “I see the rock, where’s the candy?” and then came to the picture of lovely Pat. Answered!


  3. The Def Leppard story, I don’t know how often Rick talked about his accident, but is there any new info in there that hasn’t been said? Also considering the fact that Hysteria is their most well-known album, what else is there?

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