Stream Dream: Yes-90125 (1983)

Starting a new series here folk’s called Stream Dream. The deal with this will be since  I have joined Apple Music and as everyone streams music now I thought why the heck not since my vinyl collection has taken off I thought I would smash out some quick to the point reviews nothing in great detail and post about some albums that have come out past and present that for some reason that I haven’t reviewed yet or I never bothered to purchase back in the day. Ok, the day is actually as far back as 1978!

Here we go. Hope you all dig this…

YES, it is! 

After reading about YES in the latest issue of Rock Candy I thought perhaps it was time to do a deep dive into the “90125” record. 

“90125” (which is the band’s catalog number on this album) came out in November 1983. 

The leadoff single “Owner of a Lonely Heart” has one of the best opening riffs of a rock tune ever. Guitarist and principal songwriter Trevor Rabin nails one of the catchiest licks on the six-string ever.

YES for many like myself came onto my radar with this tune as MuchMusic had the video on high rotation and whenever it came on I watched it and as I said that opening Rabin riff just draws you in.

Hook, Line, and Sinker!

YES, and bands like Deep Purple (who would release the brilliant “Perfect Strangers” around the same time as the YES record)) were viewed as ‘old farts’ back in 1984

Kinda funny as both bands are still going in 2021 but back in those days of the early 80s bands that came from the 70s, they had to adapt to the sounds and technology of what the sounds of the 80s were becoming.

YES was one of those bands and this album exemplifies that change.

Change is good and in these guys’ case, it was as it sounds like YES was on life support as original ax guy Steve Howe was in supergroup Asia for a time until that band disintegrated around this time.

1. Owner of a Lonely Heart (4:27)
2. Hold On (5:15)
3. It Can Happen (5:39)
4. Changes (6:16)
5. Cinema (2:09)
6. Leave It (4:10)
7. Our Song (4:16)
8. City of Love (4:48)
9. Hearts (7:34)

Total Time 44:34

– Jon Anderson / lead vocals
– Trevor Rabin / guitars, keyboards, vocals
– Tony Kaye / keyboards
– Chris Squire/bass, vocals
– Alan White/drums, percussion, Fairlight CMI, vocals.

“Owner of a Lonely Heart” is the song that everyone knows but check out “Hold On” as Rabin and White lock-in with some cool like prog blues I guess you could say that they shift gears musically.

 Another surprise to me was the fact that in most of the tunes has Jon Anderson co-sharing the mic with Rabin and Squire. 

“Cinema” is a 2-minute musical prog rock out that earned these guys a Grammy back in 84 whereas “City of Love” I would have to say is one of those End of the Album Gems. Such a great track. Big power riffs, offbeat drums, and a chorus that just lifts off. 

When I would think of this band the first thing that comes to my mind is proggy but if you look at the number of tunes on this album (9) and the length of the album as a whole (44 minutes) YES I suppose they might as well figure to strip back the length of tunes and settle on a more commercial like vibe.

Trevor Rabin is the key to this album as his guitar has an edge to the use of the keyboards and programming going on around him.

It worked. This is a great album. Give it a spin or a stream!

deKe’s Stream A Rater- 7.5/10









63 thoughts on “Stream Dream: Yes-90125 (1983)”

  1. I had a copy of this ages ago, probably culled, I dunno why don’t ask ha! Anyway, I remember really liking it. I always thought it was a shame that awesome guitar at the start of Owner disappeared into 80s synth for the rest of the song. Like shifting without a clutch!

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  2. Stream Dream, I dig it, Deke!
    I haven’t got to this album yet – they’ve got a trio from the ’70s on the 1001 list. I’ve had them on recently (some really solid basslines in particular). Agreed about the catchiness of Owner’s intro, nice choice for an album opener too.
    And the Stream a Rater is now among my favourite kinds of Internationally Recognized Measurement Systems!

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      1. Good to get back to reading, Deke – we’ve been overwhelmed the last few weeks by trying to do both teaching and learning online @ home.
        Did I mention we’re grateful to be going back?!

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      2. Thanks Pal.
        It’s really cool to think that Lauren graduates from 4th year nursing in April and Lexie in Biology as well.
        Kylee three years ago graduated from Social Work. We are grateful that they all have options now and never gave up on education. Having said that all 3 of them worked extremely hard at it to achieve where they have gotten too today.
        We are proud parents!

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      3. As you should be!
        Did you ever see the film (with George Clooney), The Descendants? He had a great line early in the film about ‘giving your kids enough to do something but not to do nothing.’

        And I think that’s such a great motto which you folks demonstrated it nicely. As you guys helped the girls to pursue their education, but they had to put in the hard work to graduate.
        Good luck to April & Lexie in their final semesters!

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      4. No I never saw that Clooney film Geoff. Thanks for the kind compliment as I will pass it onto Sue. I don’t have a daughter named April lol but I know the girls are excited to finish up.

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  3. I might never have realized you were a Yes fan! I bought my first Yes in 2020 which is still my only Yes. Meat got me to buy Drama, which I love. I guess it’s their heaviest record. But I’ll pick up 90215 on your recommendation.

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    1. Not a huge fan per se but by YES being on the cover of Rock Candy it spurred me on to check this one out in great length.
      Drama I will need to check out as well as Close To The Edge that Jeff Japp told me to dig into as well.

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      1. It was like ugh..I think it was Jon Anderson who discovered Bruce. Thought it was cool that Angus and Malcolm flew in for the funeral. That’s respect.

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      2. From what I read he was supposed to do Ballbreaker but he was in doing VH. Bruce was lined up to do Stiff Upper Lip but then he passed.


  4. Great album! I always loved Yes, but this kept them from becoming dinosaurs and kept them relevant. If you have not done so yet, would love a review of Close to the Edge, which is my favorite Yes album. Rock on, brother!

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  5. I had this album back in the day. This is one of the very few times that I like their 80s sound more than their 70s. It was more controlled and not as prog as their early songs. Great review Deke

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    1. Asia, boy there is a band who rocked to the top on that debut only to see it crumble sales and tour wise on the second album.
      Another great opening riff is ‘Heat of the Moment’ but you already know that. lol

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  6. I’m actually more of a fan of this album than most of their ’70s stuff.
    I picked it up dirt cheap decades ago for the one song and ended up loving the whole thing. It has been way too long since I last gave it a spin.

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      1. We got people across the street from us who have STD’s nightly delivered as its the same driver as he blares his Hip Hop and we can hear it. lol It’s become a running gag in our house. Wonder where tonights meal came from!! lol

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  7. Forgot about the song “It can happen”… FM stations in Toronto played that a lot . “Owner of a lonely heart” sure did revitalize their career but I was always ‘meh’ on it… didn’t hate it but never one I felt like buying or craved hearing. Good review.

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    1. Thanks Dave. I guess for the diehards this would be a hard one to wrap your head around but for a entry point it’s a good one to me anyways lol


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