Mike Fraser on the Lebrain Train

That’s right Folk’s this Friday Night(January 29th) we have the one and only  Mike Fraser on the show and we will be chatting about all those killer albums Mike has been part of creating some of the most iconic albums out there.

Want to know  what it has been like working with AC/DC in the studio since 1990?  How about hearing some stories about those albums that are in your collection along with AC/DC like Aerosmith, Van Halen, Bryan Adams, Blue Murder, Metallica, Coverdale-Page and many more.

Get the scoop from those records from Mr. Fraser as he joins us at Mike Lebrain’s YouTube Channel Friday at 7pm! 

Don’t miss it!

45 thoughts on “Mike Fraser on the Lebrain Train”

      1. It has climbed dramatically… I liked the talking between music friends…but these guests are awesome that you guys are getting.

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      2. Man for the first several weeks there wasn’t even talk between friends, it was just me. Then we figured out how to get one guest — could only do one at a time, and only someone with Facebook Live. It wasn’t until August that I got this thing on YouTube with up to 9 guests. I sunk a few hundred bucks into this… and to hear that you enjoy it, makes it worth all the time and money!

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      3. I think you need to insert the word Goofy! lol Speaking of goofy next Friday Feb 5th we got my pal Tbone on with us and were premiering our new video! lol
        How’s that for hype…

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    1. Thanks Bro. Make sure you watch as it will be on Youtube forever! lol I think we are live 8am Aussie time if I’m right as one of Mike’s pals watches it live from Australia.

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      1. Unrelated question I’m curious about. Did you have long hair back in the day? I’d love to see a picture of a stoic young adult Deke in a leather jacket with a flowing mane.

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      1. We will.. When I first sent him a message and I asked about time he said half hour to a hour but once he got our deal it was awesome he went 90 minutes with us easy
        As fans what more could we ask for? What a slid great guy

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