I call this one “The Blue Album” even though that’s not the original title but for some reason I like that title so “The Blue Album” it is!

1994 was a weird year for us old school rockers that survived the 80s intact. 

Lot’s of rock was still coming out of course but for me perosnllya I drifted always back to what I would consider the classics like Maiden,Priest, AC/DC, RUSH, VH and others. You get the gist of it right?

Sure some bands that came out of the whole Tattered Cobain Cardigan Clubhouse caught my ear like Nirvana (some stuff) STP (damn good band), Soundgarden ( Cornell what a vocalist), Pearl Jam (don’t mind em) but at time’s there would come an album when I would least expect it and BAM!

Weezer “The Blue Album” is that record…

Expertly produced by the Great Late Ric Ocasek there are signs throughout this album that those fun quirky elements of The Cars seep into the grooves of this record.

“The Blue Album” is stuffed with 37 minutes of Weez-Rock!

MY NAME IS JONAS-Some cool guitar starts off “Jonas” and Rivers Cuomo lead singer and guitarist kicks off the album with a real great hard rock little ditty. I just love straight ahead simple hard rock nuggets and this is one of them.

NO ONE ELSE-Oh yeah this could have been a Cars track as it’s so damn catchy and the chorus just flat out takes the cake. I can totally hear the Ocasek Cars Influence on this tune. Great rocker and this song still makes me feel, ahhh quirky.  I do have to add that Cuomo has a real cool rock vibe voice, just laid back but it works!

THE WORLD HAS TURNED AND LEFT ME THERE- We can all relate to this title! The drums, fuzz guitar and some acoustic lead the charge.  Cool tempo and Weezer just keeps the momentum going….no Weezin here folks!

BUDDY HOLLY- Huge video and man props to the creative genius to whose  idea it was to scoop the whole Happy Days TV vibe of the video.  The song itself is a well crafted as I love the middle part where it goes like “Bang bang a knock on the door” I also dig the little quirky blasts of synth after every couple of verses! Good on Weezer being original with song and video.

UNDONE(THE SWEATER SONG)-Drums and acoustic guitar kick off this mid tempo rocker. Rivers Cuomo has a real knack for writing catchy hooks  and after the first chorus it’s like the  bummed out guy talks to a girl…”if you want to destroy my sweater” River sings basically if you want to destroy my fucking heart is how I hear it and another great catchy chorus.

SURF WAX AMERICA-Fast off time tempo. Cool sonic’s on this tune especially the middle section when the drums go a little cuckoo. But in a cool kind of cuckoo way.

SAY IT AIN’T SO- Super chill guitar and vocal until the chorus and the boys ramp it up. Nice arrangement for this song with some real snazzy picking and strumming….

IN MY GARAGE-Cool acoustic and harmonica start off “In My Garage” This is my fav tune on the Weezer album. I mean do these lyrics get any better than…

“I got posters on my wall, my favourite rock group KISS, I got Ace Frehley ,I got Peter Criss waiting for me yes I do!”


I mean think back to 1994 for a second as Criss and Frehley were no where to be found in society but River’s name drops em. Stanley/Simmons were probably sulking somewhere in there mansions in the Hollywood Hills at the vocal snub! The guitar solo on this song is wickedly good as I love the heavy fuzz sound on this  song and record.

HOLIDAY-This song is Weezer taking a well deserved Holiday that gets out of the gate with a ton of distorted kinda strumming. The middle part is cool with a little bass some snappin of the fingers and here comes some more cool guitar feedback.

ONLY IN DREAMS-Bass is on tap for the start and here comes some acoustic guitar followed by some nice clean electric guitar. The song ramps up in the chorus and we’re off ! Great way to end this album. Weezer just jam it out, shifting gears in the style as the song goes.

I picked this up last summer at our local Sunrise Shop as the price was right and when I got home that day I shot Mr Geoff a message telling him Say It Ain’t So but I finally got this one on vinyl!

Check out Geoff’s Great stuff below…


34 thoughts on “WEEZER: THE BLUE ALBUM (1994)”

      1. I would be there! lol… I get them mixed up at times. I started to write on the comment about a song called “Even If You Don’t”….then I thought…damn the wrong band!

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  1. Nice review. Rivers loved to shout out the old gods. “Even Izzy, Slash and Axl Rose, when I call you put ‘em all on hold” – Suzanne by Weezer. Roughly the same era. Great band. I like a lot of their stuff


  2. I never got in to Weezer because I was kind of protesting that 90’s music still around this time. I did like Buddy Holly and the Happy Days video is simply awesome!! They are probably a band I would’ve liked so I need to go back and give them a try.

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  3. I call it the Blue Album too, Deke! I like this one, though I played some of the songs for the kids recently and if ever there was a record that captured the sound of that time, it would be this one, eh? And for my own personal recommend, get Pinkerton if you can too. I still like it better than this one!

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  4. The double kick drum in Surf Wax is definitely the best kind of cuckoo!
    Cheers for the shout-out, Deke, I’ve been looking forward to this review & glad to read it today.
    Agreed about the snazziness of Say it Ain’t So: it’s 4 chords, but there’s so many details with the picking & strumming patterns that it’s a lot trickier to play than it sounds.
    An exemplary review of an exemplary album!

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    1. Ah, thanks Geoff. Just love the guitars at how Ocasek produced them as making the guitar tones totally live and loud.
      Love this record but you know that and thats the Tbay-Kingston connection. lol
      Cheers, have a good weekend!

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      1. HAHAHA…no kidding. I don’t ever recall a stretch of about 10 straight days at night where it went to -40 to -45 and a daily high of -25. It’s usually a few days here and there but not 10 days in a row!
        Mind you January here was mild so we were due so to speak. lol


  5. because of your past comments I went looking for this record and but couldn’t find it. ended up with two of theirs but not this album. still haven’t opened them. ): I’ll continue the search. Yes, I know I can get it off the internet but funner to find at store!

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  6. Great review, Deke. This is a real favourite of mine and it’s great to know it has a place in your collection. I’m of the opinion that they’re not the same band anymore, but they have a few decent songs. The only other album that’s worth owning is Pinkerton (their best).

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  7. I feel like this is the only Weezer album that matters. It’s excellent. Incidentally, I just tracked down blue vinyl Mobility Fidelity pressing of this album. Can’t wait to give that a spin.

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  8. Never listened to em. I read an interview in Guitar World with em and it didn’t impress so I did what I shouldn’t, I judged without listening. And when any of their songs came on, I switched off.

    But Your review has got me interested

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  9. I’ve still not forgiven them for rereleasing this one and devaluing my original – *******s!!

    I love ths one and I think it’s really cool it was produced by Ric Ocasek too.

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