Aerosmith: Brand New Song & Dance (1986)

Snowman asked…I delivered…

Aerosmith was still in party mode back in the mid 80’s  when they rolled into Worcester, Massachusetts on March 12th 1986 and broadcast nationally over FM radio airwaves this live show while they were promoting the stellar “Done With Mirrors” release from a year before.

Guess the word on the street at the time was Aero was going to take this show and release it themselves as a followup to the mighty “Live Bootleg” that came out 8 years earlier(1978).

That concept was shelved of course but thanks to “Back On Black Records” who bring this show to life on this killer double live album all these years later that I bought off Amazon last summer for $35!

Look at that setlist! Love the fact that “Done With Mirrors” is featured predominately on this set and Tyler and Crew were not just focused on one or two tracks from it and thats it…

Five tracks from DWM’s are featured (“My Fist,Your Face”, “Shela”, “She’s On Fire”, “The Hop” and “Let The Music Do The Talking”) that have that sleazy, sizzle of the guitars of Joe Perry and Mr. Whitford cranked throughout this show.I have to add the sound of this “boot’ is perfect. Basically sounds like a professional release.

Some older “Gems” as I call them are played as opener “Back In The Saddle” followed by “Same Old Song And Dance” set the party ablaze with Tyler in fine form vocally.

Speaking of which, for all the mess that these guys were in they could clean up (ahem) I guess when the chips were on the line as this show proves. 

Aero had there shit together this night….

The real clincher on this set is the fact that “No Surprise” from 79’s “Night In The Ruts” record is featured as well. No Surprise has some to Tylers best lyrics ever and why the band has shelved this song since 86 is beyond me as it is one of their best.

“A Brand New Song And Dance” was recorded when the chips were down as Aero wasn’t selling much yet they still proved that when push came to shove they could pull it together and still bring it live.

This albums proves it…

You have to hand it to Back on Black Records who make this album look legit with the double gatefold sleeve as well as one record is white while the other is black. Going that extra mile is pretty cool.

47 thoughts on “Aerosmith: Brand New Song & Dance (1986)”

  1. I thought it was a legit release by the band until you pointed out it’s not. They played “Back in the Saddle,” nice! That’s a great track of theirs. I’m not surprised that “Walk This Way” and “Dream On” are on there, when do they not play those tunes?

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    1. Like many acts Aero has to play those ‘hits’ but this album has a bunch of stuff that has never seen the light of day since 86. For me that’s worth it…

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      1. I’m not familiar with Aerosmith, but I’ll take your word for it because besides the hits and “Back in the Saddle,” I don’t know the other songs on the setlist.


      1. I thought being the only Americans in a see of Constitutional Monarch Canucks would make us natural allies. Especially since we’re from the same geographical region in the States. No skirts or kilts for us! Well at least not for me, I don’t know if you’re a transvestite, but since you found success in Hollywood, you probably are.


    1. I’d say it was the best album they did in the ’80s, but Pump is pretty great. Even if it is polished. Second best album they did in the ’80s then!

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