The Covers of the Beast: Live Friday Night Stream

Hanging with Ladano, Mr. Books, Harrison and the King of Stream Mars Man tomorrow night (Friday March 12th) at  7pm EST on a segment we are calling ‘The Covers of the Beast’

Should be a ton of fun as Maiden has the best artwork spanning over 40 years so there will be a ton of stuff to discuss.

Please join us on Mike Lebrain’s You Tube channel which you can see for yourself posted below… 

Hell why not follow Mikey’s Youtube Channel and stay in the loop.

Up The Irons!


24 thoughts on “The Covers of the Beast: Live Friday Night Stream”

  1. I AM PUMPED FOR THE SHOW!!! I’m pumped all of Mike’s shows, but I am extra pumped for tomorrow’s show because Maiden is another one of those bands that I became fascinated with. Also, whoever came up with “The Covers of the Beast” title is a genius. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say Deke!

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    1. Lexie’s boyfriend Mitch for Xmas got me the Rangers Toque so for that he’s a good kid. lol
      Make sure you see my vinyl of the debut/Killers and The Number of the Beast. The graphics on the vinyl are immaculate!
      Thanks for watching.

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