Thunder: All The Right Noises (2021)

It was at the Snowman’s site this past Friday that John under his new release Friday’s had posted  that Thunder had a new album out. I was intrigued as I had bought the first two Thunder albums which were “Backstreet Symphony”(1990) and “Laughing On Judgement Day”(1992) than Thunder like a few other acts skidded off of my radar shortly after.

This past Friday I was zipping around on the pages of Facebook and super producer/engineer Mike Fraser posted a picture congratulating the guys in Thunder on there latest release “All The Right Noises.”

Well, if Fraze has his name attached to this release you know the sonics are going to be dialled in.

So right away I added it to my Apple Library and I can tell you all that this is one fantastic rock album.

Quickly doing a bit of research Thunder has been sitting on this album since 2019 and now is the time when the world has been knocked on its ass for some good old fashioned stadium rock to come back.

Thunder covers all the bases over the course of this album’s 11 songs.

Last One Out Turn Off The Lights
The Smoking Gun
Going To Sin City
Don’t Forget To Live Before You Die
I’ll Be The One
Young Man
You’re Gonna Be My Girl
St George’s Day
Force Of Nature
She’s A Millionairess

If there is an underlying theme in Thunder I think you could use the word ‘continuity’ as its 4/5th’s of the original band as well as having Fraser back mixing who originally did the first two Thunder releases  as well is a win win!

The songs are stellar and well written as Lead Singer Danny Bowes and Guitarist Luke Morley know that fine art of creating crafty arena rock without going down Cheesey-Ville Avenue.

The album opens with Drummer Harry James laying down some serious groove action on “Last One Out To Turn Off The Lights”. Bowes vocals are brilliant on this one and throughout as the man’s vocals have not aged whatsoever. 

“Destruction” is a slow heavy groove and tackles a subject which I’m aware of and that is dementia. 


I like those tunes that can take you on sonic journey one way and then shift gears in what I call ear candy. “Going To Sin City” is that track as Bassist Chris Childs slaps down at one point a tasty little bass run and the boys follow his lead.

“Don’t Forget To Live Before You Die” is stomp of a track featuring some distorted vocals and some huge bass and it’s a great catchy piece of rock.

Thunder does and I hate to use  the term ‘ballad’  but they do it with class. “I’ll Be The One” is that tune which compared to the other tracks on here has Thunder stepping off the gas but still packing a bit more punch than many of they’re contemporaries could do at this point in their careers.

Thunder has stepped up and delivered an album that harkens back to the golden days of classic rock (Zeppelin,Bad Company) yet they manage to retain they’re own style of hard rock that is found on the tracks of this album.

dEke’s Stream-A-Rater Rating: 9/10

If your a collector of such things (Hello Mikey Ladano!) you may be interested in the CD copy that has a ton of bonus studio tracks as well as 8 songs from this album played live in the studio!

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41 thoughts on “Thunder: All The Right Noises (2021)”

    1. No they never came around here at all Joe. They were supposed to open for Cinderella/Roth back in 91 (which I had tickets for in Wisconsin) but the tour got shelved due to lack of tickets and Thunder was told by there agent to stay home if they wanted to be remembered as the house band on the Titanic if they took that tour as it was tanking…

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      1. I first saw them opening for Aerosmith on the Pump tour. I saw them 3 times after that on their own too, always lots of fun and really great too.

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      2. Aero/Thunder would have a been a great tour. Saw the Pump tour twice but both times Skid Row was opening. Thunder should have been added to that tour as that would have helped there cause..

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  1. Wow! So glad you found something and by the sounds of it, I need to quickly add this to the library. My Friday releases are a a success if you find something you didn’t know was out. That is exactly why I do them. I even found something new that I liked and was real surprised. A band called Lake Street Drive. It is jazzy pop and I think it is great as it is so different to anything else I listen to.

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  2. Good one Deke. I checked out some of these tunes after seeing Mike Fraser was involved on Facecrack as well. Sounds is really good and the songs are pretty good as well.

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