Stream Dream: Ted Nugent- Nugent (1982)


Yup, this is a Ted review. No political views will be expressed here as it’s only rock n roll and I like it like it yes I do and want to keep it that way.

The Nuge was one of those guys who actually came to Thunder Bay albeit when his success was on that early 80’s decline when Ted showed up here in town in 1981 and once again in 1986.

Both shows I attended and both shows I left the arena deaf!

Ted when he rolled through town in 81 that was a show that I went  with my buddy Muc in tow.

Ted at the time was promoting the pretty decent “Intensities In 10 Cities” and if you ever listen to it it’s a barrage of some heavy crazy rock that even to this day I would consider one of Ted’s best but that may be as that record was my entry point into the world of Gonzo.

So even though me and Muc were too young to know that Ted’s career was hitting the shitter the fact that this guy came here was a mind blower.

So in the summer of 82 when I went to hang out with Muc he had gotten the new Nugent record called just that “Nugent”

There’s Ted on the cover in the dark wearing leather and looking rough. Unfortunately once I heard this album back in 82 it sounded umm lightweight compared the previous stuff I heard from the Whack master.

So did my feeling’s change in the last 39 years since I last heard Nugent?

Let’s get to it!

No, No, No 3:38
Bound And Gagged 4:32
Habitual Offender 3:06
Fightin’ Words 4:01
Good And Ready 4:20
Ebony 4:30
Don’t Push Me 2:33
Can’t Stop Me Now 2:34
We’re Gonna Rock Tonight 3:20
Tailgunner 7:00
Ted enlisted his usual cast of characters that being co lead vocalist Derek St Holmes and Bassist Dave Kishweny and on the drums is Carmine Appice of Rod ‘Do You Think I’m Sexy Fame” Stewart.
Ted is the producer of this album and for all the fire power that Ted had going on the “Intensities” album  that was a live one you would think with Ted manning the dials in the studio the guitars would be jacked but that is not the case here.
Opener “No, No, No” has St Holmes on vocals and you can tell this one is geared for radio actually a lot of this record is what I would call light weight rock. Weird as what was Ted thinking?  If you want political Ted well that happens on “Bound And Gagged” which if you ever seen the video you will know what I’m talking about.
Kinda of a wimpy record compared to the other bands putting out records in 1982. Iron Maiden/Judas Priest and KISS with the huge sounding “Creatures of the Night” all outclass the sonics on this record.
I will say that the last track “Tailgunnner” is the one tune that harkens back to Ted’s glory days of Gold and Platinum as Derek sings for his supper and Ted solo’s away like a lunatic but it’s the little to late theory as this album cannot be saved.
dEke’s Stream A Rater- 4/10

36 thoughts on “Stream Dream: Ted Nugent- Nugent (1982)”

  1. Great review deKE You had me with “I left the arena deaf!” Im still laughing. I was listening to Nebula (a 1537 recommendation) couple days ago and I was thinking that Ted and Springsteen would be good in those jams. Just ripping on their guitars. I know it is a bit of a strange combo but I like when both those guys cut loose.

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      1. I don’t think anyone has ever unplugged Ted’s mic. That would lead to an instant termination by Nugent.
        I still remember it like was yesterday when Nuge played here me and my friends were 14 at the time at the Gardens to see Ted and after the first tune his drummer leaned over grabbed a bucket and barfed into it….lol
        That band was crazy all dressed in camo gear and ted had two other guys on guitar plus a bassist. He was like Molly Hatchet but weighing less than MH by about 2,000 pounds as the hatchet band was big dudes..

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      1. Oh…I forgot to say…I saw them twice and a buddy of mine knew the sound guy…sure enough Ted told him…turn me louder than anyone…no kidding dude.

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  2. It is so hard for me to disassociate Ted’s music from his politics. I did see him open for KISS, and he had good stage energy, but still. Your 4/10 rating seems appropriate, though I have not listened to this album. Anyway, hope you all are safe up there in TB. Cheers!

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    1. Fellow blogger John said here in the comments as well he caught Ted on that tour with Ted as well. Our town currently is hit hard with Covid but hopefully the cases will go down..

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  3. “Yup, this is a Ted review. No political views will be expressed here as it’s only rock n roll and I like it like it yes I do and want to keep it that way.”

    (insert Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan saying “…that’s… why I’m here.”)

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  4. I just remember Ted leaning against his amp stack when we caught his Little Miss Dangerass stop here and like you said I was going deaf and he had his “Friggin” head right in there. Lol

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