I am beyond psyched to have Mr. Andy Curran guesting with Mikey and myself this upcoming Friday Night @7pm on the ‘Lebrain Train’.

We are going to tackle a whole bunch of topics pertaining to Andy’s musical journey from Coney Hatch through his solo career as well as his recent release’s of two fine albums that being Caramel (1998) and Leisureworld (2002) that have both been reissued recently on digital platforms.

I will be asking a few questions about “Scatterbrain” from the band “Soho 69″ that should have been mega that Andy put together after winning a Juno Award back in 1990 as ‘Most Promising Vocalist”.

Oh, and there’s the deal with Andy working alongside RUSH for many years.

Not only are we going to talk about all that but we’re going to pick Andy’s brain on what it was like opening and touring with such acts as Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick, Accept, Krokus, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden back in the roaring 80’s.

Speaking of Maiden we will of course ask Andy about his good pal and tennis partner Steve Harris on how that whole Canadian Tour that Coney did a few years back with Steve’s solo band British Lion came about.

Not only that but we will of course be talking about the Coney ” Live At The EL Mocambo” double live album recorded last October which should be hitting the street any day now along with a couple of new Coney Hatch studio tracks that are being finished up plus a second Coney live album that is waiting to come out as well!

Last but not least I will want to know the scoop on Andy’s latest project called “Envy of None” which features on guitar some one that is known world wide and is considered one of the all time greats! Whose that you ask?

Tune in Friday Night @7pm on Mike LeBrain’s YouTube channel to find out who!!

Have to thank my pal Tbone for putting this add for show together in which there is a story between the shirt that Andy is wearing and the Bass he is holding!


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