Cheap Trick: In Another World (2021)

So here we are in a Rock N Roll Lockdown so to speak yet those four fun dudes from RockFord Illinois keep on turning out some pretty decent rock considering that the Tricksters are now on their 20th album.

The recently released “In Another World” has Cheap Trick again putting out another solid release consisting of 12 originals and one cover tune that being John Lennon’s “Gimmie Some Truth”

The album is filled with typical Trick like rockers (The Summer Looks Good On You, Boys & Girls & Rock N Roll,Light Up The Fire) whereas at times the band shows its softer sensitive side (Passing Through, So It Goes).

Where the band really shines though is on the title track which is featured twice. One version is slow almost ballad like whereas the second version of Another World (reprise) is a full out rocker.

A real cool move if you ask me and a creative one at that.

Considering in 2021 when bands like KISS won’t release new music and rely on the same ol same ol you can’t say the same about Cheap Trick.

So if your a fan of loud guitars, drums and bass and a singer named Robin Zander who still sings brilliantly like its 1977 than this album is right in your wheelhouse.

dEke’s stream a rater rating…..8/10

21 thoughts on “Cheap Trick: In Another World (2021)”

  1. Great review Mr. Deke! I am enjoying this album. It ain’t as good as the last one, but I still enjoy it from beginning to end. And like you say, they aren’t resting on their laurels like Kiss. And don’t get me started on them not putting out albums. Paul says there is no need and yet we get crap like Soul Station…give me a break.

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  2. I’m always blown away by bands that not only continue making music into their 60s and 70s, but actually continue to sound good, do different things, and not just stagnate and coast on their early success.

    I don’t know much about Cheap Trick beyond their radio hits though. Is there a particularly iconic album of theirs that would be a good starting point?

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    1. Well the most iconic would be Budokan as well as Heaven Tonight and Dream Police. Thats a great 3 pack of Trick music.
      To be honest any of there 70’s output is quite stellar.
      Thanks for stopping in…


  3. I love these guys…no matter what is popular music wise around them they continue to be Cheap Trick. I’m glad they are still releasing albums…I think these older bands did well in the past year album wise…they had a captive audience…they will draw a lot of people in when they can tour again.

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    1. The last three CT albums have been real good. In June we will have Robert Dawson on as he wrote a book on the whole discography of CT!
      That will be a great discussion

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      1. Cool dude…that will be really interesting to find out more.
        I’ve listened to some tracks off the new one…and I liked them… I just saw a Nielsen interview and he was talking about being in London in 68-69…I had no clue he had been playing for that long…plus a huge Beatles fan…whats not to like!


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