Honeymoon Suite(1984)

Canadian Homeboy’s “Honeymoon Suite” with this self titled debut exploded not only on MuchMusic but the album was flying out the doors of record shops in Canada.

Triple Platinum in Canada and  as well  all four singles went Gold (New Girl Now, Stay In The Light, Burning In Love and Wave Babies)

I bought this on vinyl way back in 84 and some of it is killer and some of it is ok. 

Would the what I would consider Ok in 1984 be better in 2021?

Would what I would consider killer in 1984 still be that in 2021?

Guitar Player Derry Grehan composed 9 tracks^ for this debut and Derry knew the fine art of crafting good catchy riff rock obviously in the opening tune “New Girl Now”. 

Johnnie Dee was the guy who could deliver Derry’s song with conviction as Dee has a good set of pipes. This band had chops and knew how to put on a good live show.

Listening to the debut by these guys I still feel the same now in 2021 as I did in 1984. I like it when Derry would write straight ahead guitar driven tracks like “Funny Business” as he could hot dog with the best of them on the six string. 

Honeymoon had that tinge in their sound for the radio/video which helped the cause.  I always liked and still do tunes  like “Burning In Love”, “Hearts On Fire”. 

The other singles “Stay In The Light” and “Wave Babies” I somewhat dig one and the other one is well…

“Stay In The Light” has a cool opening guitar riff but the keyboards kinda bug me as they are overdone a bit too much like as if Jon Cain showed up to the studio to drown out the guitar that day with his keyboard.

“Wave Babies” is just goofy and the video was even goofier so yeah my feeling has not changed. I can’t even get into this tune video or no video.

This one was like stepping back in the time machine which I can honestly say the records that followed this debut we’re much better.

But you gotta start somewhere…

deKe’s Stream- A-Rater- 6/10

^-“Hearts On Fire” is a song written by Eddie Schwartz who was the writer of Benetar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” mega hit. Plus Eddie’s a Canuck.





16 thoughts on “Honeymoon Suite(1984)”

  1. Only liked their big single on this one. I found the album a little dull and probably why I never tried their later albums which sounds like could’ve been a mistake. I might have to give them a spin down the road.

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  2. I remember the Wave Babies video after all these years… I was always kind of indifferent to them – didn’t dislike ’em, wouldn’t change the station if they came on but never felt like buying their records. But they did very well for themselves. Once in a blue moon I’ve heard a track by them down here on radio which really surprises me so while they never made it very big in States, they weren’t altogether unknown apparently.


  3. Good one Deke. This was a good album, the next two were great for me. Did really like the Wave Babies video though. Canada’s version of DLR’s California Girls video. Lol

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