Tour Shirt Tuesday- Kool & The Gang

Back in 2012 when Van Halen was touring the arena’s plugging their current stellar release at the time ‘A Different Kind of Truth’ the opening act for that tour were Kool & The Gang.

When the tour hit Minneapolis/St Paul in May of that year Tbone, Darr, Rugg, Kev, my brother Todd and myself all went as we brought all of our families down for the trip but it was dude’s only to the VH Concert!

As soon as we hit the Xcel Center it was a quick visit to the merch table where I spotted this one of kind Kool T shirt!

I needed to buy this shirt as it’s Kool & The Gang! (if your wondering, they were a great opening act by the way) and as you can see by the picture I posted it’s a simple shirt with there album covers on the front of a white T-shirt!

Simple yet effective and pricey. lol. I think I paid $40 U.S for this shirt which is basically a decal ironed onto a white shirt.

It didn’t matter as how many of these shirts are floating around in Tbay?

Two that I know of as my bro Todd bought one as well as Todd skipped all the Halen shirts that were available.

Celebrate good times come on…..

37 thoughts on “Tour Shirt Tuesday- Kool & The Gang”

  1. Odd combination to say the least. I’m glad it worked but I wonder what people would have said with the same bill in 1982? I like odd bills like this…it makes it interesting. I grew up with their singles because of my sister…cool shirt Deke!

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    1. Good ? Max on how this tour would have looked like in 82. Kool had the whole brass section live so nothing was sampled which was cool or should I say KOOL!

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      1. LOL…I would have loved to have seen it. They used to have terrible opening acts until they got BTO and that was cool….then KOOL

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      2. I’ve talked to people who went to see them in the 80s saying that their opening act would get booed off regularly…that many were bad.

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      3. Oh yea…I would bet on it. That is why is surprised me in the 80s they got BTO…I was happy they did.

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  2. Great story and cool bill [like the 70s when they would put very different bands together, like Uriah Heep w/ Earth Wind & Fire!] I’ve been wanting to post my shirts some day, before i retire them permanently [I’ve outgrown a few]

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  3. Yeah it was a great show.. Kool and the Gang came out to a decent bit reserved crowd, but won them over quickly. I thought they were fantastic, and have always said if K and the gang ever come to TBay I would definitely go.

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  4. That’s one of the weirder opening act choices I’ve heard of but I bet they would’ve been quite fun to see. Prices like that & you can see why bands want to tour as much as possible these days!

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