A few months back when Andy Curran was on the live stream he told us the story about being a kid and drinking water from a hose which I’m sure most of you did if your as old as us!

“Local Tbay Rock N Roll Icon” the one and only Tbone took what Andy said to heart and has cranked out another good time rock n roll tune with a total retro throwback video to go along with it!

Check it out! Crank it up and tell Tbone ya love it!



    1. My parents and Tbone’s parents didn’t smoke either so I think that line was just used for that tune lol
      Not to sure why he has the comments turned off..I’ll ask him

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  1. T-Bone is on a (rock and) roll!

    I think you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hadn’t had at least one drink from the garden hose, as a kid. BNL came to mind, for me, that lyric of taking a drink from the hose and then sleeping away the afternoon… As for the smoking, remember when the lobby of the local rinks were blue with smoke? And we’d all trudge through it and then go play hockey? Incredible, now…

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  2. Fantastic and i am in a good mood now. You know CB has drank from the hose lots of times plus Ive done everything else in the song too. Beautiful. man am I glad I listened to that one. You havent lived until you took a drive with my Aunt Ruby and her 3 foot log cigarette permanently stuck in her lips ( I think driving stressed her out).
    I love you Tbone.


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