1991-PART Three

In case you missed Part 2…click below

Once June/91 rolled around the big releases for me that month were Skid Row with “Slave To The Grind” and Van Halen with “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge”.

One day (shortly after VH came out) I was riding around on my mountain bike when I noticed a Black Mustang following me around. It was creepy actually. Did someone take out a hit on me? What’s going on here as I kept riding and since I had my Walkman jacked (remember those?) I pedalled faster.

I figured I would take a quick route home by cutting through the parking lot of a local Safeways and sure enough there was that Black Mustang parked sideways like it was waiting for me…

As I got closer to the Mustang I yanked the headphones off of my head. Isn’t it funny I can still recall the tape I was listening to was Kik Tracee a cassette I got as a freebie from my subscription to MEAT Magazine.

Anyways as I inched closer I seen a familiar face in the passenger seat of the car with the window rolled down..

It was Darr and behind the wheel was Tbone and there they were heckling like a couple of hyena’s as they knew they had me spooked and right on cue I remember the tune Tbone was cranking which was “Judgement Day” by Van Halen.

Fuckers got me good!

Tbone fresh from graduating University and securing a job in the mechanical engineering field bought himself a 1991 Ford Mustang. (man that car could fly)

Good one fella’s..

Summer of 91 was a fun summer. Some great music was coming out and considering I was working full time I could easily pick up new releases like Metallica when “The Black Album” dropped.

But by fall something interesting in music was changing and I heard a different style of music that was starting to come into the masses.

Having said that I remember purchasing The Cults “Ceremony”, Tesla’s “Psychotic Supper”, Aerosmith “Pandoras Box”, Motley Crue’s “Decade of Decadence”, both “Use Your Illusions” by Guns, and in the what the %$#* was I thinking dept. I bought Poison’s “Swallow This Live”.

One night in the fall of 91 I was hanging out with Oink’s and he had two tapes in his car. One was Ozzy’s latest “No More Tears” and the other one was a band I had maybe only read about but that band was Soundgarden with “Badmotorfinger”.

I can still hear Oink’s cranking “Jesus Christ Pose” and that song was my entry point into Soundgarden. The vocals of the late great Chris Cornell and the drums of Matt Cameron totally caught my ear.

Holy shit I thought what a heavy tune yet catchy at the same time…

My girlfriend at the time Donna began exploring other musical avenues and through her the name of Garth Brooks I had never heard, but now in her car I was listening to “The Thunder Rolls” and “Mr Blue.”

Oh boy…

Also in that same car was the first time I had ever heard Nirvana with “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

When Van Halen announced their Canadian Tour (Winnipeg was added) I was stoked so I reached out to Guy and Daryl for tickets. They had connections with the promoter who brought acts to Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Winnipeg. So I asked the boys if they could get me two tickets for Winnipeg. They said no problem just go to the Arena Box office the day of the show and give my name. As we got closer and closer to Winnipeg I was thinking “I hope the tickets the tickets are there?”

Not only were they there but when I picked up the tickets at the box office and we entered the arena I was told by an Usher to head to the floor.

Umm, ok and next thing you know we are in the 11th row on the floor with the stage straight on. Guy and Daryl came through. The cost of the ticket for that show at the arena on Nov 7th 1991 was $33.00!

Speaking of the musical climate changing look no further than VH’s opener that night.

Alice In Chains who brought their brand of sludgy rock that night and other than seeing “Man In The Box” video on Much Music the rest of the set was new to me. The band musically was tight. Lead singer Layne Staley stood basically in-front of the mic and I recall at one point telling the front row “to get closer as he doesn’t bite!”

They were good that night but it was a changing of the guard. There you have the Seattle Sound as the opener and here comes Cali VH party rock with “Poundcake” opening the show as well as lead singer Sammy Hagar high giving the front row while hanging a pair of panties off the mic stand.

Posted below is the actual audio from AIC’s opening set that night in Winnipeg courtesy of Youtube..

VH were awesome as songs like “A.F.U”, “Runaround”, and a bunch of other tracks stood out and of course EVH was on his game…

Being down that close was LOUD! I remember during Bassist Micheal Anthony’s “Sunday Afternoon In The Park” bass solo my pant legs were vibrating!

Looking back now 30 years later that night, there was a definite vibe going down.

Changing of the guard for some as Van Halen in the 90s had no problem selling arena tickets but ask Motley Crue and Poison on selling arena tickets!

As we were heading into 1992 times were changing..

Thanks for reading folk’s. Perhaps next year in 2022 I will flashback to 1992.

34 thoughts on “1991-PART Three”

  1. 11th row tickets for $33?!?!?! Man, you guys had it easy back then. Richie Sambora’s ‘Stranger in This Town’ was released in 1991 too (September 3, according to Wikipedia) and I love that album. If I’m not mistaken, grunge wasn’t affecting the metal scene too much yet, right? Knowing that a year later, Def Leppard would release ‘Adrenalize’ and it did pretty good.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s really good; it’s better than all of Bon Jovi’s albums combined! The title track, “One Light Burning,” “Rosie,” “Father Time,” “River of Love,” etc. are all great. I prefer Sambora’s first solo record out of the three he’s released since it’s more blues-rock oriented and I feel like he put more emotion into his performance on that first one.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry I clicked too quick but Grunge really went bonkers on the music scene in the summer of 92.
      Even I was buying Nirvana/PJ/RHCP/Soundgarden lol just to keep up..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh ok, so the Def Leppard just made it (with ‘Adrenalize’) before grunge went into full swing. Hearing all these stories about the music scene back in the day makes me wonder if I would’ve tried to adapt with the times or stuck with the music I like, even if it wasn’t in style at that point.

        Do you still listen to those grunge albums you bought?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. RHCP’s Blood Sex Sugar Magic I bought on vinyl so yes and I’m planning on getting Soundgarden as well…
        So some I still not all though…Nirvana I have moved on from

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha. I had to report the facts even if they were less than stellar. lol Considering I thought Poison was crap live earlier that year I still bought the double live CD?? I still cannot explain what was happening there…

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  2. I remember hearing about a memoir named, “Love Loss and What I Wore,” where the author had vivid memories of their outfits associated with key moments in their life.
    I don’t know if I’d remember what I was wearing, but I’m with you Deke in having clear recollections of what songs were playing in these moments, even 30 years later!

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  3. Damn, those are great seats for that price! We had 35th row center for the Stones in ’94 for $54 each, but you’ve got that beat! That show (you were there) was another changing of the guards, as STP opened up.

    I remember reading in some guitar magazine ages ago about a guitar solo on Swallow This Live being the worst guitar solo ever. Like, ever. LOL. Oh man.

    Does TBone still have the ’91 Mustang?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thats right STP were awesome. I recall the Stones rotating opening acts on that tour and I was glad it was STP. In Minneapolis a few months later it was the Spin Doctors..


      1. Oh man, Spoin Doctors. That would’ve been a lot more people at the concessions (all deference to SD). We had a chance to see them at that festival a couple of years later and opted to load the truck instead.

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      2. Well we were sorta ticked too, ‘cos the special guest wasn’t happening and Ani DiFranco was listed but didn’t show, and the crowd was in the middle of a big garbage fight on the hill and burning tents, etc, so we opted to pack out early in case we needed to bolt.I think I told that whole story before. It was interesting.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Dodge… pun intended… actually that was totally our thinking. It was pretty nasty. This was pre-cell phones everywhere, otherwise folks would have filmed what went down. Our instinct to be ready to run was a good one, we left and things were still ongoing. We’d seen 27 bands in 3 days anyway, we had our money’s worth.


  4. Fuckin’ LOVED THIS. Can relate to so much of it musically. Darr in the Mustang, lol! Funny enough I was listening to a 1991 song just now — Ratt – Nobody Rides For Free. And in part one you mentioned Heartbreak Station. Had that in my car this morning, before even reading your post.

    It was a great year and I miss those times.

    Fuck Swallow This Live!

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