Sometimes the Mailman will drop off something other than bills and just recently that was the case when a package showed up to my door from my very good friend MR.1537, who graciously gifted me with not one, but two great albums. (The second album will be featured at some point but for now I’m keeping it under wraps)

Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades” is one of the all time great records which I have always read about but never ever owned until that very day I cracked open that parcel from jolly old England.

I will be the first to admit my Motorhead collection is patchy at best. I bought the classic No Sleep Til Hammersmith back in late 1981 and was taken aback by the sound and fury originating from Lemmy, Phil and Fast Eddie.

It felt like someone was hitting me over the head at the time with a brick. Powerful, and up to that point a sound I had not heard.

Fast forward to 2021…

So here we are 41 years later(yikes) and I finally got a copy. First things first how about that cover? The three Motorheader’s looking like they’re going to hit your town, drink everything in sight and steal your woman before going out the back door.

That is an iconic shot if any.

The 12 tracks lift off right out of the gate as the opener “Ace of Spades” proves. Quick tempo and a full fist to the face as Lemmy sings those iconic lyrics..

You know I’m born to lose, and gambling’s for fools
But that’s the way I like it baby
I don’t wanna live for ever

Yup we get it 100% Lem.

This album is ferocious in its pace as the album clocks in at around 36 minutes.

Look at those song titles! Those in itself are bad and one of my all time fav tracks from these guys is the iconic “We Are The Road Crew”. Love the every day living that those fella’s have to deal with in getting a show from town to town and Lemmy with his lyrics brilliantly captures that vibe.

The fact that they play at a rip snorting speed (ahem) helps that they keep the track’s generally between two to four minutes in length. That was probably due to the fact that they could blast through a tune and fuel up some more party treats before launching into the next song.

I have to add the production by Vic Maile dials it in perfectly in the studio. I’m surprised the man still had hearing left after this blitzkrieg of sound and fury coming at him from all angles!

It’s a shame that all that were involved with the making of this album have passed on but what an album that packs a punch to the throat.

Thanks Joe!

34 thoughts on “MOTORHEAD: ACE OF SPADES(1980)”

  1. If there is a more perfect example of everything wonderful about rock and roll than Motörhead Ace Of Spades ♠️ then I am yet to hear it. The best live band to ever play rock and roll. The Bifröst between Chuck And Eddie and Little Richard and Heavy Metal Thrash and Punk. If you don’t dig Motörhead you don’t dig rock and roll.

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    1. I’m sure it will at some point. Amazon has been goofy with there vinyl releases lately. I’m still waiting for KISS to be shipped yet they took my money lol

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  2. On Friday’s show, J referred to your friend Mr. 1537 as the “yellow faced” guy I believe.

    I haven’t played this in…actually about 15 years now. I need to get my Motorhead onto my PC.

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      1. I agree to that. Lemmy was great to listen to and even his interviews keep you entertained.


  3. That 1537 is a generous dude. He’s sent me records too – funny, you got Motörhead and I got Joni Mitchell! Lol. I own three copies of this album (at least). ROLLINS once said something along the lines (about the title track here) of “If you can think of a better was to spend 2:37 let me know.” Great stuff. What a gift!

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  4. Those are the best kind of mail days!
    Well done, Sir “Prince among Men” 1537.
    This one’s on the 1001 list, right where it should be.
    I remember thinking the band member nicknames of “Fast” and “Philthy Animal” were apt – no shortage of speed & sleaze here!

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      1. Haha, the trouble is, it’s the opening track – if I start a 5K run sprinting like Usain Bolt, those last few kilometres aren’t going to be pretty!


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