I have to say that as a fan, Mean Gene and Starchild can frustrate me at times with all the silliness that they try and sell us diehards.

KISS though has done the right thing and have issued what hopefully will become a series of shows recorded directly off the soundboard that are now available to us domestically instead of buying bootlegs at inflated prices.

KISS Tokyo 2001 is just that. A killer live show. 21 songs the full meal deal and if you’re wondering, Paul Stanley’s voice is spot on throughout the show.

Now you could say do we need another KISS live album? Yup I say as if its going to be done in a bootleg style and features the full show than I’m onboard.

The real charm for me is four things..

1- This album features the short lived lineup of Stanley-Simmons- Frehley and Singer.

2- No “Beth”

3- Some rarely played songs like Ace’s “Talk To Me” and the Stanley’s solo version of “I Still Love You” are a couple of tracks you wouldn’t expect to hear.

4- Ace playing guitar on songs like “Heaven’s On Fire”, “I Love It Loud” and “Lick It Up” that the Spaceman was not originally on!

I could go on and talk about all the other tracks but thats why you have guys like Ladano and Snowman around. I let those boy’s do the heavy lifting and I take the easy way out!

Sure you get all the hits as well as you can see below by the track listing but it’s those little things that I mentioned above that make this soundboard recording one excellent spin.

I really hope at some point that KISS release other soundboard shows as I think Eric Carr should get his due with an official KISS live release.


31 thoughts on “KISS: OFF THE SOUNDBOARD:TOKYO 2001”

  1. Yep, your highlights are mine. I’m finishing up the post this morning to be posted some time in July to put a feather in the cap of the Kiss Review Series. This things is great. And if they do start a series with this, they are finally giving the fans what they want. And honestly, the vinyl price was just as expensive as the bootlegs I have bought over the years, but at least you know the quality is going to be great with the sound. Great stuff sir!!

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    1. Thanks John.
      Yeah the price was right for vinyl and they are giving the fans what they want. Its a stellar show and lineup. I love how Ace sings the chorus to Shock Me..Shock Meeee! lol
      Good time’s man…and the fact that this version of the band didn’t last long all the better…

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      1. Thayer is good but he’s all business as he has to do what the two leaders say to do whereas Ace has that loosey goosey feel and you can tell the difference.

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    1. HAHA..Thanks Pal. Well the difference is Snowman is a way better in-depth writer than I am. I’m no where near that caliber of writing stuff.
      But I will take the compliment and thanks for noticing those 4 points!

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  2. I’ve listened to them enough to see that Ace adds something that the other two cannot replicate…at least not to me…that feel he puts into it. Like you said the other guy is all business…I’ll take Ace all the way.

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      1. I am surprised that, at these later stages of the career, they can still find new and interesting way to re-release the same stuff. I thought the Stones had a lot of comps lol.


  3. Nice point about the little things making big differences.
    I’m curious how many people named Beth actually like the Kiss song, Beth?
    I’m guessing not a high percentage, as it’s not exactly a love song that lists all the reasons why he adores Beth!

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    1. Good point and I’m glad being a fan and all that I can get through a KISS live album without hearing it…
      Me and the boys will be playing all night …adios Beth. lol

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