Robert Plant: LIVE AT KNEBWORTH (1990)

Another RSD 2021 score from Montreal is this little ass kicker of a 4 song EP from Robert Plant recorded during the Knebworth concert from the summer of 1990 in England. Also featured at that show were Genesis, Pink Floyd, Status Quo amongst others.

For myself personally I love this era of Plant’s career from “Now and Zen(1988”) through “Manic Nirvana (1990)” to “Fate of Nations(1993)”.

What a killer three pack of albums from Robert and his band at the time.

“Hurting Kind” and “Liars Dance” are two songs that were featured on the current Plant album at the time “Manic Nirvana” whereas “Tall Cool One” was from the previous album “Now And Zen”.

Speaking of “Tall Cool One” love how the band shifts gears at the end and does a snippet of “Custard Pie”.

“Liar’s Dance” is easily in my all time Top 5 Plant solo songs. This live version is so friggin good. Guitarist Doug Boyle lays it down brilliantly on acoustic guitar while Plant delivers the goods vocally.

Such a killer track which proves the theory that you can kick ass in different ways than always running an electric six string though a Marshall stack.

The other show stealer is of course Plants old homeboy Jimmy Page showing up and along with Plant’s band they rip through “Wearing And Tearing”!

That’s right “Wearing And Tearing” the last track from the never talked about (except around here) album “Coda”(1982)!

Talk about digging in and pulling out a deep track!

Even though it’s only a short listen, what a brilliant four pack of tracks!

R.I.P Phil Johnstone.

49 thoughts on “Robert Plant: LIVE AT KNEBWORTH (1990)”

      1. I Need to as well John. I have Now and Zen and this one. The debut I have seen in the cheapie bins so I will start there. Fate of Nations I would also like to get as well. I missed that one on a few RSD back..oh well

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  1. Wow! I didn’t see a copy of this on record store day, what a brilliant little package. I remember this show happening. I didn’t go but I had friends who did. We’d see Jimmy guest with Aerosmith the same year

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    1. I’m with you. Plants an interesting specimen as he always would act like I want a Zep reunion but didn’t really want too do it..
      I wish he would have kept this solo band together. Some serious players here.

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  2. A couple months ago I bought the Knebworth: The Album disc, so I have these four tracks. “Hurting Kind” and “Wearing and Tearing” are definitely my favourites of the bunch. Killer tracks.

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    1. Thanks. The video of it is up on Youtube. That band could play. To bad Plant a year or two later changed the course musically and in doing so changed the band.

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    1. My back up plan was to get Plant and The Who if the Triumph box sold out and as u know by our chat with Andy it sold out quick. lol
      So I went with plan B which I got lucky as AUX33 In Montreal had both titles.
      Got lucky. I will add if you ever order from them and I have three times now they know how to pack your records and ship them. They don’t stuff em in a box and send the, loose they seal that thing tighter than Capone’s Vault! lol

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    1. Actually today I picked up three more use Plant solo albums from the 80s. So now I have them all. Now I need Manic Nirvana and Fate of Nations on vinyl and I’m good…
      Thanks for the kind words!

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      1. Sounds great but yea…that Marshall dude don’t know what decade he is in…and doesn’t care…he is in Zep Land.

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