Another fabulous Father’s Day Score from the Family from Aux33 Records in Montreal!

“Live At The Ritz” has to be one of the most bootlegged live shows of KISS or it has to be close as its a radio broadcast from the summer of 1988 just as KISS was about to embark on their European Tour.

Being that this is a radio broadcast and its already 34 years old (yikes!) it sounds good as this show is out on many different formats as well as many different covers.

This version is no different as its a limited pressing of 500 copies in which I have number 387 and on orange vinyl to boot!

So for any KISS fan out there you know that this cover is all wrong! That is the cover of the KISS “Monster” album from 2012!

Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer are pictured on the front cover as well. We all know that Tommy back in 1988 was in “Black N Blue” and Eric Singer was drumming for Gary Moore and others as they were no where near being in KISS at the time. Mind you Simmons produced the “Nasty Nasty” album by Black N Blue around this time so there is a bit of a connection!

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley had ditched the makeup eight years earlier in 1980 and on board with KISS at this point time was Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr(RIP).

I’m thinking maybe they slapped the makeup cover on as a selling feature or maybe the people putting this together had no clue.

Then again the credits listed on the back cover featuring the two lineups are correct, so who knows. Imagine if they had gotten those wrong?

Either way it’s a great show to have on vinyl as for some this is “KISS ALIVE 3” and fair enough as I’m onboard with that theory.

I have reviewed this already a few years back when Mikey Ladano sent me the tracks so an actual breakdown of this album you can find elsewhere around here.

I will add its a nice looking set with it being a triple gatefold and all three records being orange as well.

Record Three- Side B is the selling feature as its a great audio recording of KISS being young and going for it before Alive broke them big in the year 1975 and changed them forever!

Pretty cool little 5 pack of KISS tracks featuring original KISS homeboys Peter Criss and Ace Frehley in the mix as well. How about that live version of “Let Me Know.”!?

That pic above is the inside layout with the correct version of the classic lineup of Simmons/Stanley/Carr/Kulick.

The pic below is the 70’s classic lineup of Frehley/Criss/Simmons/Stanley. 

I’m really glad to have this added to my collection and finally getting a live version of “Bang, Bang You” on vinyl! (insert laughter here)

All kidding aside this is the warts n all recording of KISS at the back end of the 80s and its a great representation of that era of the band.


39 thoughts on “KISS: LIVE AT THE RITZ (1988)”

  1. Most bootlegs have errors like this and that is what is so great about them. I love the mistakes. I don’t have this one, but I do have one from 1988 in April and I have a 1975 show as well. I need to grab it if I see it as I do see this one out there a lot, just been too pricey lately. Nice score Mr. Deke!!

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      1. It kinda was a little stale. But some good performances on there like Thrills In The Night and Under The Gun that would be buried after this that tour!

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      2. Yeah that solo on that tune is some serious fire power put into it. Love Carr’s drumming on it as well.
        Gene and Paul are funny fuckers at time lol

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  2. Probably like you suggest the album cover was used to make sure people knew who it was rather than suggest accuracy from that time period. Makes sense except that in limited quantities and at a high price I’m sure, only dedicated fans are going to buy it anyhow, the casual browser isn’t going to go for it no matter what is on the front.

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  3. So…is this a real bootleg? A bootleg with a limited edition? Well you know who you were buying when you see the picture so I guess that was the main point.

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    1. This one is limited to 500 copies but there’s a bunch of different covers that have the same show. I’m a real stickler for buying bootlegs as it has to be a decent sound quality and this is one of the better ones.
      Plus it has some great KISS cheese on it like Bang Bang

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    1. No Pete, this is a bootleg version by some European company I believe. The cover is all wrong for starters but other than that it’s a cool show from a era of the band that had no official live stuff out. So the bootleggers rule on this one…

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