My pal Tbone was first out of the cellar, oops I meant to say gate  picking up the major label debut of RATT’s “Out of The Cellar” back in March ’84.

Growing up in Thunder Bay there is no such thing as a Sunset Strip but at that time in ’84 we would cruise around in Tbone’s parents Ford green machine family van and would blast “Out of The Cellar” for all the city to hear!

Shortly after though  I had to have my own copy of “Out of The Cellar” and what a  decent debut. Some great playing within the band as the songs were good, production was good and singer Stephen Pearcy had that sleazy L.A drawl liked he swallowed a pack of razor blades.

The ace in the hole within the band is of course Warren DeMartini who plays a bunch of solo’s suited to the bands needs. Dude has his own style and wasn’t really the hot dogging type on the six string.

“Wanted Man” leads off the charge basically its about these guys blowing into town, playing the show, hooking up with ladies and blowing out of town(ahem) to the next show! Warren seals the seal the deal with a great guitar solo!

“Round And Round” the debut single went through the roof especially on the video front which at the time was really crafted smart video. The guitars of DeMartini and the late Robbin Crosby are stellar on this song and many others.

Plus the fact that RATT could shake up the musical tempo in there tunes as well. Some quick little shifts in the songs which made me notice as a listener that they cats could play.

Don’t believe me check out the second track “You’re In Trouble” which at the  start with the rumbling bass from Juan Croucier and the offbeat drumming by Bobby Blotzer  sounds like Duran Duran hyped on speed. “She Wants Money” has the RATT X-Press clipping at a fast pace down the track shows that when they wanted to power rock they could.


No dip on Side 2 as “Lack of Communication” has Pearcy and Croucier trading one liners on the song which if anything is an appropriate title in 2021 I would add!

“Back For More” is the second single and has that nice little acoustic opening before launching into an all out frontal rock attack. Once again the boys mix it up in the tempo department! (for an even better version of Back For More check out the RATT EP issued in 1983)

When I talk about end of album GEMS “The Morning After” is one of them. Why on Gods green earth was this not released as a single. It’s all here. Tight musical chops with Pearcy’s sleaze ball vocal delivery. Simply a stellar tune…

“I’m Insane” has the band driving forward with a quick hit between the eyes while end of the album tune “Scene of The Crime” is a real good album closer as Pearcy tells the tale about being duped by some cold hearted bitch. His words not mine folk’s. Once again another cool solo to round things up.

Looking back and listening to this one again takes me back to that summer of ’84 when so many records were coming out that year. RATT held there own in hanging with the big boys and give these guys props for not putting a single ballad on here!


  1. Such a Killer debut album and I’m surprised it didn’t make anyone’s list on the LeBrain Train, but it might be because they actually had a debut E.P. Either way, great album and I think this one holds up pretty well as I still enjoy cranking it even today.

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  2. Ratt passed me by when they were popular in the 80s. My intro to them was thanks to satellite radio on the 80s on 8 channel and the Ozzy Boneyard around 2009. Round and Round is a cool ditty. Great writeup, Deke!

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    1. I guess thats the great thing about satellite radio as people can discover new bands while they have been around 40 years basically.
      Maiden is the best example as when I seen them 2 years ago it was amazing to see parents bringing there kids to the show and to me in the big scheme of things thats what Maiden wants now. A brand of music to keep the classics going into the future.
      Having said that my 3 daughters want nothing to do with Maiden. lol
      I tried!

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  3. It’s a Ratt-ravaganza, as I see Mr Snow has a Ratt song post.

    “The Morning After” is one hell of a song. One of my favorites.

    Crosby (RIP) was at the peak of his powers.

    Tawny (RIP) on all fours on the cover.

    DeMartini and how you eluded his unique-style.

    And they had four capable song writers in Pearcy, Crosby, DeMartini and Croucier., and this gave them some variety.

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    1. All great points Pete. They did have a variety of songwriters in the band as opposed to say Warrant where they all relied on the singer for everything. Thats a ton of pressure for one guy. No wonder Lane crumbled..

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