Lee Aaron first came onto my radar way back in 1984 when the “Metal Queen” album was released and Lee made a name for herself playing across Canada as well as making inroads into Europe.

Now all these years later Lee and her stellar band consisting  of Sean Kelly – guitars, Dave Reimer – bass  and  John Cody – drums have released what I would consider Lee’s best album to date.

This album sounds huge and we all have Mike Fraser (Blue Murder, AC/DC, Coverdale-Page)  to thank as Mike helped dial in the sonics so you know the songs will sound mega coming through your speakers!

Radio On Tracklist.

Soul Breaker
Mama Don’t Remember
Radio On
Soho Crawl
Devil’s Gold
Russian Doll
Great Big Love
Had Me At Hello
Twenty One

I have always loved guitar driven hard rock songs and there are a lot to choose from on “Radio On !”.

Sean Kelly proves without a doubt what a fine talent on the six string he is.  Just listen to tracks like “Vampin” where after a short bluesy opening the band ramps right up flexing some serious musical muscle as Dave’s bass and John’s drums just lock in so tight. What a groove and of course Lee belt’s it out with her vocals.

Songs like “Cmon” and “Soul Breaker” have slick groove’s during the verses and Sean delivers great short n catchy solo’s in each of these songs which are total ear candy to my years.

The title track “Radio On!” has great summertime vibe with a real cool addition of keys in it but not enough to bury the other instruments. Another catchy chorus here folks. I think it’s safe to say a pattern is developing here.

“Soho Crawl” is a fun time party tune and I have always been a sucker for that kind of piano that helps pushes the song forward. Just a great tune and I think it’s safe to say that this  is what the world needs right now. (which are these kind of songs.)

I have to say that “Devils Gold” is one of my favourite tracks on “Radio On!”. The band musically spreading its wings and showing off their chops as Sean, Dave and John really lock it down when the tempo picks up.

“Russian Doll” is a great little ass kicker where Lee and the boys rock the house and if this song is played live it will bring the house down. Great boogie tune.

“Great Big Love” has a slow menacing groove where Lee has some great lyrics  which to me about how opposites attract.

Lee’s singing is superb throughout the whole album. Sure we all know  how she can sing the fast rocker tracks but where she shines are the slower tunes like the acoustic based “Wasted” which really goes to another level when the electric guitar kicks in and boy does it ever.  “Wasted” has one of my favourite guitar solo’s on “Radio On!” as Sean trades licks with Lee’s vocals before they take the gas off the pedal and the song plays out acoustically. I think of the Scorpions on this track as they are masters at doing ballads that open slow and slowly build and build up. Lee and the boys have that concept figured out on “Wasted”.

“Had Me At Hello” has that slinky like vibe that busts a move with a slick groove. (which there are many on this record)

“Radio On!” ends with the piano driven “Twenty One” which like a few other tracks on here picks up the pace as the song heads towards the finish line. I think it’s safe to say a few of us wish we were still twenty one.

Lee Aaron and her band should be very proud of this album as its truly a great rock record and I’m sure it will be making many year end lists this year.

Just saying!

27 thoughts on “LEE AARON: RADIO ON! (2021)”

  1. I listened to some on youtube…the Devil’s Gold song is cool…I love the bass sound they got on that…it’s incredible.
    All that I heard sounds great man…love the sonic feeling of it.

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    1. Well, Max they got the best as far as I’m concerned in getting Mike Fraser to mix and engineer the album. So when his name is attached you know the sonics will be there!

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      1. I agree with that Deke…he does a great job on this. Whatever the hell he did on the bass…others should follow.

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    1. I will be getting this one on vinyl. I had it on preorder from Amazon but they sent me a email saying “don’t know when or if this product will be available’
      Than don’t make it a preorder? duh!! lol

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  2. I don’t care how old we get, Lee’s still a heart-stopper. And a new record is great news. And that it’s awesome is both unsurprising and even better news! I was in Sunrise and texted Mike about the new Styx and he had me ask if this one was in yet, out of curiosity (it wasn’t).

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    1. I got the new Styx on vinyl and if there is any album currently that is a new release that needs to heard on vinyl its the new Styx! Production sounds like a throwback 70s prog delight!


  3. Nice one Deke! Haven’t heard anything other than Come On so far but I’ll have to check it out. Lee is still looking pretty good as well as sounding good.

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    1. I preordered it on Amazon for 25 bucks than a week ago they sent the burb not available and may not be.
      I cancelled it. lol Def not paying 60 for it. Thats robbery even though I love it and I’m buying it on coaster either lol..
      Maybe I will check out Sunrise in a week or 2 and go from there!


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