Another big release that had just come out in my world in June 1985 was RATT with the followup to there 3 times platinum debut (Out of The Cellar) was “Invasion of Your Privacy”

I originally purchased this one on cassette tape so when I pedalled my bike to my summertime job I could crank up the RATT N ROLL so to say and plus it was a good pick me up when I was working that summer of ’85 with a starting time of 6 am!

The whole RATT team was brought back together again( Beau Hill once again was producing) and just like on the debut a supermodel was featured on the cover of the new album.

Sex Sells….

It worked as myself and Tbone grabbed this tape basically the day it dropped into the shelves of the local record shops. Like many we needed another hit of some sleaze ball L.A Rock and Stephen Pearcy and crew delivered.

Looking back on this album in 2021 I have to say it’s probably my favourite RATT album and I can honestly say I liked all of this bands output in the 80s. (even the patchy Reach For The Sky had some decent moments).

Where “Invasion” works is in the theory of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Realistically this record is Side 3 & 4 of “Out of The Cellar” and that’s not a knock but a compliment as the tracks that are on this record are still strong.

Opener “Your In Love” gets the party started (or continuing I guess in regards to the debut) and this tune features Warren DeMartini leading the charge on the 6 string not only on this song but all the songs throughout as Warren is one of the best to come out of LA at this time. (George Lynch would be the other).

From there the party continues as Stephen tells us to “Never Use Love” followed by Pearcy telling us all to “Lay It Down” (first single).

“Give It All” has a great pre chorus where Ratt flex’s some musical muscle which at time can be lost in the how these guys looked at the time.

Is there such a thing as RATT Ballad? “Closer To The Heart” may just be that. A tune I don’t mind and  usually when bands from this genre would do the the quote on quote ‘Power Ballad’ I would puke in my mouth as I knew that was the game to be played..

Side 2 begins with “Between The Eyes” which is a sleazy slow cooker of a track that goes into “What You Give Is What You Get” which is another slow paced cooker of a track.

If your an old fart like me (take a bow Tbone) than you will remember the old answering machines where you would record  a message on a  cassette tape so if somebody called they would hear your voice and at the end leave you a message.  In other words old school voice mail. Well, with “Got Me On The Line” the tune begins with a phone ringing and Pearcy answering “Hello” than the band kicks in..

That back in the early 90s when I was living on my own was my message so if you were on the other line you would get blasted with Pearcy answering and the band firing it up.

Young goofy people do young goofy thing’s!

I always liked “Got Me On The Line” which is a great little ass kicker of a 3 minute RATT track which Steve-O tells us all at the end of the song “Nobody hangs up on me!!” 


Straight into “You Should Know By Know” which is another great  track with DeMartini laying down some snazzy fret work. 

“Dangerous But Worth The Risk” which was the opener on the “Invasion Tour” ends the album with another stellar track. I like Blotz’s drumming on this tune as he drives that RATT rocket ship forward.

RATT comes out with two strong albums and by looking back at things the summer of ’85 if rocking was my business than business was FRIGGING GOOD!




  1. Ratt is an band that was lost to me when a leak destroyed most of my record collection during a particularly dodgy hours move in the 90’s. Readying these posts though I remember every single song you mention from this and out of the cellar very clearly. I never went back but they were great

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    1. Sorry about the collection being ruined. Ugh I could not imagine. RATT had a great run in the 80s as they sold albums and were always in the magazines.
      Good band for sure.

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  2. You like this one way more than I do. I think it is an okay album and I think I was disappointed it was too much like Out of the Cellar. I was hoping for a little progression. There are some really great songs though, I will give it that. Great post sir!

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    1. Thanks to me it is Sides 3 and 4 to Out of the Cellar but for some reason I’m cool with it. Maybe it has something to do with where my head was at it when it came out in 85! Let’s go with that! lol

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  3. Great sum up. Side 3 and 4 of Out Of The Cellar. And I also think that Closer To The Heart is a very underrated cut.

    Also the DeMartini and Crosby combo was well oiled by know. For Crosby that was different oils to DeMartini’s. Lol.

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  4. Nice review Deke. I actually liked this album quite a bit at the time. I do agree it was sides 3 and 4 of Cellar and overtime I think though proves that Ratt didn’t have too many other places to go musically this was them this is what they were.

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    1. And they carried that vibe through most of the 80s when for some reason they were still selling albums but couldn’t sell enough tickets in Duluth! lol
      Let’s don’t go there!!

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      1. Still boggles my mind that the bill had them Great White and KIX who were all on the charts and they couldn’t draw 3-5000 people in 89!
        Remember that same year we were supposed to see Poison/Tesla and they cancelled so when the Bon Jovi concert came in August I was nervous until we left town to go and see the show!lol


  5. Closer to the heart!? hmm sounds familiar. lol. I’ve been meaning to listen to these guys because I only paid attention to the radio stuff back then. these write ups will get me listening.

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      1. Oh believe it, I mis-file things all the time. There’s so much here, it might be time for another cull. I am currently working on my updated list of what’s here. I’m at ‘M,’ lol.

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