Thomas Polychuck is the name and delivering Linkin Park like nu-metal  vibes mixed with the shred of Yngwie J Malmsteen is the game. Might as well add his love of M.M.A as this dude kicks ass!

Polychuck hails from Montreal and has just released his debut EP  “Shadows Exposed” which  as you can tell by the two references I mentioned above, has a mix bag of rock up his sleeve!

The five songs that make up the EP are catchy tracks as they are great songs as opening track “Beating Myself Down” proves with almost a swinging honky tonk piano vibe mixed with a huge classic rock like verse.  Ladano in his review said the solo at the end will knock you on your ass!

“Exposure” is another great track that features another stellar power rock verse that has a super shred like solo that washes out into a total throwback synth like vibe that is so catchy. Almost prog like as the song ramps down. The video for “Exposure” has pulled in almost 30,000 views on YouTube so people are watching.

“In The Dark” as well begins with a swirl of beats and Polychuck shows us all that the dude has a stellar voice and yet another catchy chorus.  This fella knows the fine art of writing hooks!

Song number four “Driving Me Mad” has a mid tempo like feel but with a  swirl of guitar solos throughout the track. In saying that it works as you can really hear how great of a guitarist Polychuck is.

Wrapping things up is “Lights Out” which is another keys driven tune with some nice guitar riffing layering things nicely over the top. Basically adding icing to the cake.

Polychuck is one talented mofo as these five songs prove. I like the fact that he keeps things short n simple as the longest song checks in at 3:18 seconds!

I ask you all that follow this blog check out Polychucks “Shadows Exposed” on your preferred choice of streaming. Just add it to your library and expand your musical horizons!

Better yet…

Myself and Mikey will chatting with Polychuck tomorrow (Saturday August 1 at 1pm EST on MikeLebrain Youtube channel.)

Click the link below and follow Mike’s Channel…



23 thoughts on “POLYCHUCK-SHADOWS EXPOSED (2021)”

  1. My favourite thing is his video for Beating Myself Down. Great video and I like the part in it where he’s talking to himself. “I fuckin’ hate you! Ah ha ha ha!” I love it…the very definition of beating yourself down. Great artist here!

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  2. I listened to it since yesterday and finished it up this morning…heard something I never heard before. The Beatles and Death Metal as influences lol…that is a new one!
    I like how he is all over the place. I watched some videos expecting some harsh music and some were more poppy…I like how he took all of his influences and put them together. He is a great musician and really seems like a good guy. Great interview man.

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    1. Thanks for watching Max. Polychuck is a fantastic guy. Loves music man and it totally comes across on how pumped he is. He’s a great talent. Someone to watch out for thats for sure.

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      1. His love of music comes through and he doesn’t care what music it is… I was shocked when I heard him talk about the Doors and those bands along with the heavier ones.

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      2. Yikes! I was left to my own devices as I had no older siblings. It was up to me or a couple of my friends to discover rock!


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