Summertime Spin-MAMMOTH -WVH (2021)


Well friends. A first ever Summertime Spin review of a current album that was released in this current year! What is going on here???

It pays to wake up early.

Back in March of this year I was up at my usual time of 5am getting ready for work. I had some time  to spare before I left the house so I thought I would take a spin around the earth via the Internet.

One site I had been keeping an eye on was Wolfgang Van Halen’s page as he had been mentioning about doing a preorder on his debut self titled release calling itself Mammoth WVH.

Well that March morning there it was, WVH’s debut would be  released on June 11th 2021 in various streaming formats as well on CD and Vinyl.

Vinyl! I was in. I clicked the order link and lo behold there was two options for double “clear” vinyl one of them being an autographed copy.

Plus a gatefold sleeve. I sure do love the gatefold!

I thought for a second that a signed album by the last name being Van Halen can’t be cheap.

Well to my amazement it was cheap! A signed insert (see below) copy on vinyl for 40 U.S!

I clicked and after all was said and done including the shipping and currency exchange rate the cost was $65 Canadian!

Sure, to some still a little steep but I didn’t care as I normally don’t go after this kind of thing but since opportunity knocked…

I friggin answered!

The album was shipped  out on June 9th and by the end of the month I had this record in my hands.

After spending the last few months listening to this  new sound from a Van Halen, I have to say its a very good modern contemporary rock record.

As we all know over the last few years Wolf has been recording and doing all the vocals himself (in between VH Tours) at his Pop’s 5150 studio with the help of producer Michael Baskette (AlterBridge-Myles Kennedy).

Give Wolf his due. On this album’s 14 tracks he forges his own path musically and in saying that if you’re looking for “Hot For Teacher” like boogie rock party tunes that his father mastered, you would be better to keep on passing by. However, you would miss out on some great rock.

The records opening three pack of tracks “Mr. Ed,” “Horribly Wright,” and “Epiphany” have  that modern day rock sound. Yes there is a bit of tapping on the strings as that would be expected.

But Wolf can also make a left turn and take the foot off the gas pedal as well on songs like “Think It Over,” “Circles” and of course the bonus track tribute to his Dad, that being “Distance” which is  at over 5 million plus views on Youtube is impressive.

Speaking of “Think It Over”. This one needs to be released as a single and yup I’m pretending to play A&R guy!

Make no mistake though as Wolf shows what a great multi instrumentalist he is on three of my favourites that being  “Don’t Back Down”, “Resolve” and “You’re To Blame” which are filled throughout with enough hooks to keep any hard rock fan happy.

Mammoth WVH is a stellar debut and worthy of your attention.  I look forward to hearing what Wolf has up his sleeve now that he has put a band together and has hit the road supporting this record.

See Folk’s, It pays to get up early!

Thanks for reading along over the last two months and commenting as well now that summer is coming to an end so is this series.


25 thoughts on “Summertime Spin-MAMMOTH -WVH (2021)”

    1. BAHAHA…..Well to be honest with ya I have been programmed this way going on for almost 33 years now Full time. I can not roll out of bed and goooo….I need to get up, fire up the Keurig have a cup of coffee surf the internet and than head out the door by
      Thats my story CB and I’m sticking to it!

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    1. I think he will be fine. He’s getting the word out there and if old dogs like me who can accept WVH being his own man than there is hope as I’m not expecting any Unchained or Panama like tunes out of him….
      Do your own thing dude and he is…

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