AC/DC: POWER UP (2020)

AC/DC was a band that needed to drop an album in the shitty year known as 2020 and they delivered a real fine slab of booze bar room rock.

“Power Up”

12 songs from the boy’s that are expertly dialled in by Brendan O’Brien and Mike Fraser.


Lot’s of highlights on here and what could I possibly add to an AC/DC album that already has not been said?

Nothing! I will add I love how AC/DC has always managed to capture that buzz saw approach of the guitars on they’re albums.

I’m going on memory here but I read some reviews where someone said  Brian Johnsons vocals sounded buried in the mix. Gah to that as the dude is over 70 and he’s competing against Marshall Amps!

You know people would be bitchin if there was no AC/DC album yet when there is people poke at it…

I was going to review this last winter but everyone was smashing out reviews quicker than Tbone hollering “Bartender!!” in regards to this record so I deiced to take a pass,

I thought I would wait it out til now as recently when I put on “Power Up” I wanted to see if I still dug it as much as I did last November when this album dropped.

The answer to that is a resounding YES! I can also honestly say that you could lead off Side 2 as Side 1 and it would still be a strong sounding album..

Lots of great tracks to sink your teeth into here folks…

“Rejection”, “Through The Mists of Time”, “Witch’s Spell” “Demon Fire” are stellar tracks on their own and how about what I consider end of the album GEMS like “Systems Down” and “Money Shot” are so good and yet they are at the back end of the album.

See what I mean as Side 1 and Side 2 being equal as far as strong  sides of music is concerned.

Power Up this one Folk’s!


33 thoughts on “AC/DC: POWER UP (2020)”

      1. Thanks Pal. That album just impacted me big time back in the summer of ’83. I was 16 working my first job that year that began at 6am and FOTS would definitely wake me up on my bike ride to work lol
        Plus its like the boys just plugged it in and Powered it Up so to speak. lol

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  1. Mixed by Mike Fraser, therefore Johnson’s voice is exactly where it needs to be in the mix. NUFF SAID.

    Remember how excited we were last winter when this finally came out? Man it was a bright spot in a bad year. Thankfully this year we have had plenty of great tunes.


  2. I have heard most of it and of course I love it. It’s good that someone stays the same. You could drop their albums in different decades and no one would say a word.

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  3. I think all of the tracks are solid, except for “Demon Fire.” That one is just a poor copycat of “Safe in New York City,” which I hate as well. But gosh darn it, Covid please go away so that these aging rockers can go on tour already!

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      1. BAHAHA…..All good. I recall reading that and going “thats how its supposed to sound like as your in AC/DC singing you will be overpowered by the amps!”


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