Tour Shirt Tuesday- Sloan: Navy Blues (2019)

One of the last shows that I saw back in 2019 was when my good pal Frank Loffredo brought to town Sloan on there 20th Anniversary  Tour of playing the classic “Navy Blues” album front to back!

Such a great show (which I reviewed in detail) and of course like any show I attend there is always a side trip to the merch table.*

Had to grab this shirt as it features the cover of Navy Blues and on the back which of course has Thunder Bay listed with a bunch of dates in not only Canada and the U.S!

Pretty cool that my buddy Andrew (who writes the excellent blog “Drew’s Reviews”) who lives in Portland took my advice and went to show along with his wife and enjoyed it.

How could you not…


*- Speaking of merch tables this was the show in which my pal Tbone gifted me with the Navy Blues Box Set after the show in which you can see in the pic below with Chris Murphy along with Frank pictured in the background!


29 thoughts on “Tour Shirt Tuesday- Sloan: Navy Blues (2019)”

      1. No kidding. I never knew that. One thing for sure is today at work I will hear both of them on local radio as those two singles from the Jet debut are still played quite often.

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  1. Nice shirt and good album. I had no idea they played Austin last year… bit of a hike from here, but I might have looked into going to see them if I’d known. Gotta like Sloan ! (LOL…I would’ve said “gotta LUV Sloan” if they’d gotten back to me…. one of several Cdn bands I approached about an interview for my blog who never answered, which is understandable since they are doubtless busy!)

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  2. I should have made the 3+ hour drive to Burlington to catch the show there, that full album live would have been fantastic.
    That’s very generous of T-Bone – and I like that Frank makes a cameo in the pic too!

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  3. hahaha. I was getting ready to say, “i was there because of you!” then saw your comment. thanks for the plug but most of all thanks for the push to go. one cool show and one cool band!

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