SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS: Episode Two- A Deep Dive back to 1981 with Special Guest: Muc

Pretty pumped to bring on my pal Dave ‘Muc’ McCulloch who was the first guy I ever hung out at the local record shops in Thunder Bay back in 1981!

40 Friggin Years!

I think were due for a chat about this  as Muc was the guy that on one trip to the local record shop that summer as we had decisions too be made. First time ever seeing an Leppard and Maiden album on display here in town.

Talk about an impact moment as he we are 40 years later and I still remember that moment like it was yesterday!

We will also be talking a bit about another album that dropped  later that year which Muc was the first to get and that was the much maligned KISS “The Elder” release.

Interesting to hear some thoughts on it 40 years later!

Muc, I can tell you  is a great guy and we will tell you all what it was like buying records here in town all those years ago.

Join us  TONIGHT!  at 7pm on the official Youtube page of Thunder Bay Arena Rock- Scotch On the Rocks.

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17 thoughts on “SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS: Episode Two- A Deep Dive back to 1981 with Special Guest: Muc”

  1. Some great albums to discuss, especially The Elder. One I didn’t like back then, but is actually really good. I will catch it on re-run on Youtube because as I said earlier, you are being stood up for Alice Cooper and Ace Frehley!!! I think that is a pretty good reason to miss.

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  2. ’81 and early-’82 seemed like the only time you’d ever hear Iron Maiden or Judas Priest on regular “hit” radio… and back then, ya, I liked “For Those About To Rock” too!


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