Scotch, Sloan and The Mars Man

Kev hangs out  this week on “Scotch On The Rocks”. You all know Mr Kev from his excellent site “Buried On Mars” and together we tackle that great album back from ’98 which is “Navy Blues” by those fun loving Canucks who call themselves SLOAN!

I really look forward to talking to the MarsMan as we both dig this album and it should be a hoot as if you don’t know much about this album now is the time to learn about it.

To keep it simple “Navy Blues” is a melting pot of 60’s-70’s and a tinge of 80’s rock.  I don’t want to say anymore than that…

Join us this Thursday Night(Oct 14th) at 7pm as  we get to the root of the “Money City Maniacs”!

See ya there…

25 thoughts on “Scotch, Sloan and The Mars Man”

  1. Should be good as I know nothing about Sloan. I do know Sloan is a company that makes toilets, but outside of that I don’t know their music. LOL!! Will catch the re-run on Youtube as Needtobreathe is calling me that night.

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    1. It’s important to breathe John lol. Enjoy the show and no worries the rerun will be on Youtube.
      I go live next Wednesday since Thursdays aren’t working out for u. lol Actually that was Brents call.

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      1. Yep he can compare my Japanese Navy Blues to a “toy” if he wants… I had the joy of working when NB came out, playing it every day in store. He was a child playing with “toys”! Oh this has been a long time coming…m


    1. My daughter and her boyfriend got me that Expos hat for fathers day along with a NY Knicks hat as I’m following the Knicks since that have that cool Canuck kid RJ Barrett!
      Thanks man…

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  2. Just over twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go until this show, I’m looking forward to it Deke & Kevin.
    Great album – that opening Chris/Jay/Patrick/Andrew 4-pack of She Means/C’mon c’mon/iggy and angus/sinking ships, just outstanding!

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  3. great conversation guys! enjoyed it. Thanks for the shout out deke. you embedded the video later right? I’ll have to remember to come back to the post. btw, I got my nephew a Triumph record for Christmas last year. I look forward to next diacussion.

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    1. Thanks Pal for watching. I had to throw down some props as your writing and site is one of my fav’s.
      Yes it will always be on my Youtube page. What Triumph record did you get your nephew? Thats awesome. Brent will be a ton of fun as he hangs out with Rik at his house now! I will get the lowdown on that for sure!


      1. Thanks man. means a lot and right back at ya. the record was a greatest hits one I think. I actually men my nephew in today s weekly playlist. and triumph is a band I’m trying to work in to listening.

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      2. Before Wednesday’s show with Brent listen to Allied Forces. You will not be disappointed or actually check out my site tomorrow lol
        Hows that for hype!


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