Watch Out For Those Road Apples!

Tonight I will be chatting it up with my pal ‘DJ DR.Dave’ who without a doubt is the biggest Hip fan I know of. Why you ask? Well for starters how about the fact that he has seen The Hip 23 times live!

Yup. That alone would classify you as a fanatic and not only that but DR. Dave also interviewed The Hip back in ’91 when he writing for the local university paper at the time.

So a bit of dive into what I would consider there best album(Road Apples) is due with a fellow who not only loves this album but loves the band and there music as much!

Join us tonight at 7pm on Youtube -Thunder Bay Arena Rock-Scotch On The Rocks.

See ya soon….

23 thoughts on “Watch Out For Those Road Apples!”

      1. good discussion. I wanted to see them on the farewell tour despite not knowing the music but wasn’t able to get there. I think they sold out pretty quick.

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