Tonight Muk is back and we talk all things music back in the year 1982.

We were both turning 15 so music really ramped up for us and tonight at 7pm on the Scotch On The Rocks Youtube page you will all see for yourself.

Come and hang with us!

Up The Hammers!

24 thoughts on “Scotch,Muk&1982”

  1. Holy crap dude…how in the hell did I get this far behind…I don’t remember seeing one in my reader…I’m going to unfollow you and refollow you Deke….to see if they start showing. Sorry man.

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      1. Awesome. Make sure u watch my latest chat with Andy Curran. He gives us more great stories as well as he shows us his fretless bass that was given to him by some one pretty cool who had a replica bass played by some guy named Jaco! lol


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